Network Storage offers up new NAS device

With the need for storage capacity exploding and free space in the data center shrinking almost as quickly, size...

is fast becoming a differentiator for customers adopting new storage devices. Network Storage Solutions, Inc., debuted a new network-attached storage (NAS) device earlier this week that offers support for more than 2T Bytes of storage in a slim, 2-rack mount for factor. The new uStor-II NAS device, referred to as "micro-store", is the company's latest addition to its line of storage solutions.

Powered by the San Jose, Calif.-company's SpanStor multi-protocol NAS kernel, uStor-II supports over two terabytes of SCSI RAID storage and ships with a standard 800MHz Pentium-III with 66Mhz 64-bit PCI support, 256M Bytes of memory, and an internal multi-channel RAID controller. A uStor-II powered Thunderbolt NAS device with 730G Bytes of storage has a list price of $49,595.

According to William Hurley, program manager for the Boston-based analyst firm the Yankee Group, new offerings that target the NAS space must be thin and scalable. Hurley said that the uStor-II meets these criterions. "As this segment crowds, a key differentiator will be how easily a product becomes a solution, integrating into a management framework, either native or third party. Other vendors entering this segment hoping to draw share from incumbents are, among others, Network Engines and VA Linux," he added.

UStor-II is scheduled to ship in mid-November.

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