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BMC, EMC team on virtual tape for zSeries 900

BMC, EMC team S/390 tape

BMC Software Inc., and EMC Corp., plan to join forces in a technology alliance to develop a virtual tape solution for the IBM zSeries 900, (formerly known as the S/390) operating environments. According to Houston, Texas-based BMC, the new offering, called the Virtual Tape and Management Solution (VTMS) will give customers the ability to "virtualize" tape, or provide the ability to seamlessly switch to disk and operate as if they are still using tape.

The new solution is based on Waltham, Mass. based EMC's CopyCross tape redirect technology and BMC Software's Control-T tape management system. The solution will be sold and serviced by BMC Software.

"We are working with EMC to develop a solution that provides tape manageability via seamless integration with tape management systems, recovery management solutions and storage management systems," said Chris Gahagan, vice president and general manager, recovery and storage management for BMC.

Gahagan said that in the zSeries 900 world, where this solution is targeted, the VTMS will enable users to move data transparently, thereby reducing idle time. "There's a lot of latency that's involved. Tapes are a lot less reliable than disk." Gahagan said that the goal of the new solution is to shrink batch windows and turn them into a zero latency application.

"It's interesting in that BMC and EMC, besides having similar names, have a lot of similarities in their backgrounds. Both exist in an IBM world," said Mike Karp, director of storage management for the Hurwitz Group. "They address the same, common space."

Karp added that the zSeries 900 environment is an especially expensive part of the world to play in. "The fact that they're going to have a virtual tape [option] is a big deal," said Karp.

BMC also unveiled its Application-Centric Storage Management initiative, a new approach that allows customers to discover the application, discover the storage system and logically map the application to the physical storage system through devices called Knowledge Modules (KMs).

BMC's Knowledge Modules provide the foundation for Application-Centric Storage Management by discovering, capturing, storing and reporting physical attribute and event information for storage systems and storage network interconnect devices including disks, bridges, hubs, routers, and HBAs. This information is then combined with the application intelligence available through BMC Software's Patrol solution to associate storage events with business processes.

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