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Archive360 migrates archived email into Azure cloud

Archive2Azure lets organizations move email archives to Microsoft Azure cloud storage. The product ensures chain of custody and data fidelity in e-discovery.

Email migration specialist Archive360 Inc. has expanded its Archive2Anywhere platform, allowing customers to place...

corporate legal data securely in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Archive2Azure adds Microsoft Azure public cloud as a long-term retention target for archived email and other unstructured data that may pertain to litigation or regulatory compliance. Policy-driven data scoping and real-time index engines are based on native Azure Search capabilities. Microsoft Power BI is integrated for analyzing the searched data. Archive2Azure is a separately licensed feature of Archive2Anywhere.

Customers use Azure Search to select which archived email messages to export and the desired storage target. They can choose Microsoft Azure or Cool Blob Storage as a target. Cool Blob Storage is Azure's version of archival storage for infrequent access, similar to Amazon Glacier and Google Cloud Storage Nearline.

Archive2Azure is an object-based repository designed for case management and legal production data. A rules-based policy engine supports e-discovery for legally defensible deletion.

Tiberiu Popp, Archive360's CTO, said the software gives enterprises a way to preserve archived email deemed inactive by shifting it to a less expensive storage tier.

"You do your searches and select which messages to export. This keeps your Azure cloud cost to a minimum. The only real footprint is your cost of storage. It's on-demand processing -- we don't use any virtual machines," Popp said.

Archive360 launched in 2012. Competing email migration storage vendors include BitTitan, QuadroTech, Simply Migrate and TransVault. But the market has room to expand, said Michael Osterman, principal analyst at Seattle-based Osterman Research Inc.

Archive360 is in a good space. We're seeing a mass migration of companies moving legacy archived email to the cloud.
Michael Ostermanprincipal analyst, Osterman Research

"Archive360 is in a good space. We're seeing a mass migration of companies moving legacy archived email to the cloud. As they do, they need a tool that helps them maintain chain of custody and data fidelity," Osterman said.

Archive2Anywhere is an extraction engine that pulls data from proprietary email archives and writes it to different targets, such as Microsoft Outlook or Office 365. The migrated data can include attachments and other files associated with a particular email message.

Archive360 APIs access proprietary relational databases and reconstitute the selected messages in their original format. The product supports nearly a dozen widely used email archiving platforms, including some systems no longer in support by the original vendor.

"We don't repackage your data into a proprietary format," Popp said. "The only thing we potentially do is to decrypt any encrypted data and give you the encryption key."

Using Archive2Azure to search archived email has been a game changer at LLH Data LLC, said CEO Tom Gardner. The Jupiter, Fla., company sells credit reporting data to corporations and collection repositories.

"These guys have made it very easy for me to select which data I want to move around and place on inexpensive storage," Gardner said. "I'm saving thousands of dollars per month in bandwidth charges. The biggest advantage is the ability to find disparaging data anywhere within my system. I use Azure to bring stuff to the cloud, and it indexes everything in such a way that I have the ability to search for almost anything by a keyword."

Archive2Azure is available as a pay-as-you-go subscription, which does not include the cost of a Microsoft Azure account. Archive360 did not specify per-gigabyte pricing.

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