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Tegile, Pure take steps to make flash upgrades easier

Tegile Systems and Pure Storage are pushing more cost-effective flash upgrade programs that are customized for the IT utility model for all-flash arrays.

Tegile Systems and Pure Storage are among the latest storage vendors offering customers more cost effective flash upgrades and replacement arrays.

Tegile today launched a Lifetime Storage program as part of its IntelliCare support. Lifetime Storage provides customers with a choice to upgrade to a new storage array every three to five years with a flat maintenance contract. The flash upgrades include the controller and media.

Meanwhile, Pure Storage today expanded its Evergreen Storage program with two new capacity and density offerings for lifecycle investment protection for its flash arrays.

Rohit Kshetrapal, CEO at Tegile Systems, said the company added Lifetime Storage because of rapid changes in the flash market with denser drives and NVMe technology.

"We are providing customers with a way to refresh their models to the latest media," Kshetrapal said. "We provide a brand new array. They can get an entire new system from us based on the maintenance plan they purchase. If a customer purchases 100 TBs of capacity in an array, we will upgrade to the latest media and performance controller. We provide the latest media type and the refresh comes at no extra cost."

The cost is built into the maintenance agreement, Kshetrapal said.

Mark Peters, practice director and senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, said the expanded flash upgrades and maintenance programs are a trend within the flash market as vendors seek to differentiate themselves from competitors.

It's hard to fight by saying flash is fast, because all flash is fast now.
Mark Peterspractice director and senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

"This is where the fight is going to be," Peters said. "It's hard to fight by saying flash is fast, because all flash is fast now. Tegile is going one step further with offering a whole system. This is happening at the same time you are seeing changes in IT, which is becoming a utility model and cloud-consumption model. It's a reaction to market changes and it's also a market differentiator."

Large storage vendors are also getting into the act. EMC, NetApp, Hitachi Data Systems and IBM all have extended maintenance and/or free flash upgrades for their all-flash arrays.

For its part, Pure began its Evergreen Storage program a year ago, giving customers an opportunity for flash upgrades without disruption or extra charge. Now it is adding Right-Size Guarantee and Capacity Consolidation upgrades.

Jason Nadeau, director of product and vertical marketing at Pure Storage, said Capacity Consolidation lets customers receive a new external shelf or new chassis to consolidate the shelf for a flash storage array. When customers add new capacity shelves, they receive credit for the terabytes they already own for up to 25% of the new capacity. A customer upgrading from a 12 TB shelf to a 44 TB shelf would only pay for 32 TB.

"You get one credit for every one terabyte," Nadeau said. "If they get one terabyte, they can trade up to 25% and consolidate at no extra charge. We are helping expand capacity and consolidate at the same time."

The Right-Size Guarantee is for customers who add storage with higher density and consolidate at the same time. Pure promises to size the array and guarantee effective usable capacity for six months so customers don’t buy an undersized array.

"We guarantee capacity out of the gate," Nadeau said.

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