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Data Dynamics StorageX adds data protection module

Data Dynamics has released the latest version of its StorageX platform with a data protection module and DR capabilities that bring the software beyond file management.

Data Dynamics is moving beyond its core file migration expertise by adding a data protection module for automated replication to its StorageX software suite.

The data protection module is part of Data Dynamics StorageX 7.8, released today. It provides policy-based replication for storage sources based on SMB and NFS protocols and supports one-to-one, one-to-many or cascading replication topologies. Data protection is available on a capacity-based or enterprise license subscription.

Data Dynamics also updated its StorageX DFS Protection Suite with a namespace module for automated backups and availability policies for Microsoft DFS Namespaces. A disaster recovery module was also added to monitor file storage resources and alerts for outages. In addition, by being based on DFS, the new module allows failover and failback namespaces.

Data Protection module licenses begin at $1,000 and the DFS Protection Suite starts at $50,000.

Marc Staimer, founder and senior analyst at Dragon Slayer Consulting, said the data protection module gives Data Dynamics the ability to go after a new market beyond file management.

"It puts them in a different market other than data migration products," Staimer said. "It will put them in competition with the backup vendors. They are adding file mobility so you can move between storage systems or to the cloud, and manage file movement between storage targets of multiple vendors."

Data Dynamics StorageX 7.8 also includes a software developer kit to enable customers to create data mobility policies.

"We added a REST API to create policies," said Cuong Le, vice president of marketing at Data Dynamics. "Now we provide an API so you can directly integrate with applications so you can set up policies like what are the sources and targets and how you want to move the data. This enables the line business to manage the data lifecycle through a software developer kit."

The migration module has been upgraded to include EMC Isilon as source for moving data. Isilon was previously supported only as a target.

StorageX software provides users with a unified dashboard view into all storage in a multi-vendor environment and is used for data lifecycle management. It uses policy-driven automation to migrate and tier unstructured data in a distributed file system using a three-phase copy process to minimize disruption.

The Data Dynamics StorageX software also features quality of service bandwidth throttling to maintain performance. When files are being migrated, StorageX automatically updates DFS namespaces so that manual LAN or WAN routing is not required, relieving one of the major pain points for administrators dealing with DFS migration.

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