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Zadara Storage ZIOS seeds its cloud storage with objects

Zadara Storage's Virtual Private Storage Arrays that run in the cloud now support object storage and large flash cache for performance with the launch of Intelligent Object Store.

Zadara Storage this week launched its ZIOS Intelligent Object Store service, the cloud storage vendor's first move into objects. Zadara also added support for 16-Gigabit Fibre Channel and a large flash cache to accelerate performance.

The new object storage service is part of the company's Zadara Storage Cloud, which is an offering of storage as a service for hybrid cloud deployments. Zadara Storage owns and operates 30 clouds worldwide that serves as storage for customer applications running in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, CloudSigma and Equinix.

Zadara Storage previously supported block, NFS and CIFS file-based storage. Customers using compute from public cloud providers access Zadara Storage via its virtual private storage arrays (VPSAs). VPSA is software loaded onto commodity hardware and located either in the cloud or in an on-premises data center. When used on premises, the storage is owned by Zadara.

The Zadara Storage ZIOS service is compatible with Amazon S3 APIs and OpenStack Swift with two-way or three-way redundancy levels with iSCSI, ISER or Fibre Channel connectivity.

The new large solid state drive cache option can be added in 200 GB increments to scale up to 3.2 TB. It provides applications with flash performance on the front end while using disk storage on the back end.

"Now we offer spare capacity pools for any of these protocols whether it is block, file or object," said Noam Shendar, Zadara Storage's COO. "You decide what type of storage it needs to be.'

Zadara also added support for VMware Site Recovery Manager, providing disaster recovery for VMware servers using Zadara storage.

"There was a gap and now they filled it," Jim Miller, a senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates, said of Zadara. "But we are very much at the beginning of how much object storage is used. That is going to explode. (Zadara's) claim to fame is the co-locations. Customers use the public cloud for compute and the co-locations for storage so there is low latency."

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