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SIOS iQ learns new VMware storage analysis tricks

SIOS upgraded its analytics software which now offers an enhanced capacity planning tool and root cause analysis capability that are viewed via a simple graphical interface.

SIOS Technology Corp. this week introduced the latest version of its SIOS iQ analytics software with enhancements that include storage utilization and upgraded root cause analysis for VMware storage.

SIOS iQ analyzes applications, compute nodes, networking and storage in a virtual environment, and discovers the interdependencies between them. The version 3.5 release is the fifth upgrade to SIOS iQ since it was first launched in July 2015.

In the 3.5 upgrade, SIOS added a symptom analytics and a topology impact feature in its root cause analysis tool that integrates real-time charts with performance metrics. The enhancement gives IT administrators the ability to immediately see the issue in the infrastructure that is causing performance problems.

The one-click feature does an advanced topological behavior analysis to provide the root cause of the performance problem without the need to delve into data logs or compile charts. It shows application and resource contentions that are affecting performance.

"It shows where the application storage contention is and shows the affected workloads," said Jim Shocrylas, SIOS director of product management. "We have increased the information density. The prior release did not see latency changes or the impact topology view."

SIOS iQ's analytics measure virtual storage performance, efficiency, reliability and capacity. The software also provides high-availability clusters in the Microsoft Azure cloud using Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clustering software.

The latest version of SIOS iQ root cause analysis tool also includes a storage utilization enhancement that allows customers to forecast how many days before a data store runs out of storage. This feature works with a snapshot waste function that cleans up snapshots and frees up capacity.

Nik Rouda, analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, said SIOS iQ uses machine learning to map and graph the relationships to pull out nuanced behavior patterns in a virtualized environment.

"One important aspect of the new functionality around predictions is useful as it can proactively avoid an environment running out of resources," Rouda said. "The other most significant feature is better diagnosis of the interrelated cause of problems, giving a quick look and drill down to show what's really happening."

Rouda said both new features in the root cause analysis tool software are good extensions to better manage virtualization for improved enterprise operations quality in VMware storage environments.

"They are offering advanced 'tsunami' warnings and clearer cause-and-effect," he said. "These will make the environment safer by avoiding problems and otherwise identifying and resolving complicated issues much faster.

The new SIOS iQ version is available now as a renewable annual subscription for a list price of $100 a month, or as a perpetual license for $1,600 per host plus $400 a year for an update and maintenance service.

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