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Data storage management tools: 2015 Products of the Year finalists

The finalists in the data storage management tools category for the 2015 Products of the Year competition included resource management, provisioning and data reduction tools.

The nine finalists in the data storage management tools category for the 2015 Storage magazine/ Products of the Year competition provide services ranging from monitoring to analytics to automation.

Products eligible for the storage management tools category include storage resource management (SRM) and SAN management software, performance monitoring, configuration management, provisioning and data reduction.

The majority of the 2015 storage management tools finalists are notable upgrades to existing products, while two are new to the market and began shipping this year. Of the data storage management tools finalists, four were also named finalists in 2014.

Brocade Communications Systems Analytics Monitoring Platform

This Brocade network appliance is a new product that began shipping in August 2015. It monitors I/O at the application and device levels for all network-connected devices. The appliance gives users metrics on latency, IOPS and pending I/O, as well as tracking performance history and trends.

Data Dynamics Inc. StorageX 7.6

Data Dynamics StorageX 7.6 provides management and automated migration of data across multiple storage silos. The 7.6 upgrade to the software added API support for major storage products such as NetApp Data ONTAP and EMC Isilon, as well as improved quality of services (QoS) controls for more efficient bandwidth consumption.

Dell Inc. Foglight for Storage Management 4.0

Dell Foglight for Storage Management provides analysis and advice on virtual and physical storage infrastructure. Version 4.0 added support for Hyper-V. Capacity planning functionality was also added which tracks consumption history and monitors pools of storage across all arrays to use all available capacity.

Hewlett-Packard OneView for VMware vCenter 7.7

Hewlett Packard (HP) OneView integrates with VMware vCenter for direct visibility into physical HP storage and servers. It provides relationship dashboard views and the ability to provision server and storage capacity. Version 7.7 added support for vSphere 6.0, performance enhancements and dashboard views into HP hyper-converged storage.

IBM Corporation Spectrum Control Storage Insights

IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights is a cloud-based application that provides analytics for on-premises storage. It began shipping when IBM rebranded and upgraded its storage products under the Spectrum name in June 2015, and is based on IBM's former Tivoli Storage Productivity Center. Storage Insights analytics are designed to help users reclaim storage capacity and optimize placement of workloads to improve performance.

Permabit Technology Corporation SANblox 1.2

SANblox 1.2 is a data reduction appliance for Fibre Channel SAN environments. It provides inline data deduplication and can be provisioned and monitored through a web-based user interface. Version 1.2 added support for VMware vSphere APIs for Array Integration (VAAI). SANblox is sold in two-node configurations for high availability.

ProphetStor Data Services, Inc. Federator SDS Suite

The Federator SDS Suite software manages and automates data in a heterogeneous storage environment. It provides data reduction capabilities including thin provisioning, deduplication and compression, as well as features such as automated migration, copy management and disaster recovery. The 2015 upgrade to this product added support for VAAI and NFS.

Veritas InfoScale 7.0

Veritas' heterogeneous storage management software upgrade added a number of upgrades to improve performance. The SmartIO feature added application-level caching. The software also provides policy-based data tiering, and hardware or software-based replication for recovery at any distance.

Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdom4.3

Virtual Instruments added the ability to monitor I/O at the VM and storage levels, expanded protocol support, a VM Coordinator that makes VM placement recommendations, and the option for a cloud delivery model in version 4.3 of the company's VirtualWisdom performance management software.

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