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PernixData CTO talks VMware Virtual Volumes management

VMware Virtual Volumes are expected to simplify storage management and troubleshooting between servers and storage -- but they're still a work in progress.

Satyam Vaghani, cofounder and CTO of caching software vendor PernixData, claims VMware Virtual Volumes (VVOLs) can improve communication between storage administrators and their counterparts who manage applications and virtual machines.

Vaghani played a key role in developing VMware Virtual Volumes as VMware principal engineer from 2002 to 2012. In this SearchVirtualStorage podcast, Vaghani talks with senior news writer Sonia Lelii about how VVOLS allow storage systems to store virtual machines natively and provide data services on virtual machine disks. VVOLs marry the worlds of storage and virtual servers, allowing virtual machines to dedicate storage management tasks directly to the storage system.

"Storage systems were used to serve LUNs and NFS mount points, and that's not what the virtual machine is interested in," Vaghani said. "It is interested in objects much smaller than LUNs and NFS mount points."

VVOLs technology still has a long journey ahead because its development within storage arrays is in the early stages. Vaghani said the ultimate goal is to standardize VVOLs on the server and storage sides to create a common language between server and storage administrators. That will streamline management tasks, create operational efficiencies and drive improvements in application performance.

"For the first time, an application administrator or VM administrator can talk to the storage system administrator, and they will be talking the same language," Vaghani said.

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