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EMC World 2015 via the Twitterverse

EMC World 2015 earned kudos and some critics in the Twitterverse. Here’s a sampling of our favorites.

For starters, EMC shook up the apple cart at EMC World 2015 with this week’s announcement that ViPR controller would be open sourced through Project CoprHD.

But, is Project CoprHD the first EMC open source initiative?

The Twitter vibes on this topic were positive -- though not everyone loves the new name.

EMC’s ScaleIO news also turned some heads.

Server-attached DSSD as sexy? The new XtremIO 4.0, also known as The Beast, got some Twitter time.

Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Jeremy Burton, the company’s president of products and marketing, enlisted his 11-year-old son, Henry, to provision EMC’s VMAX3 in about 20 seconds, and then challenged anyone to top him.

Henry Burton met his challenge without a hitch, but not all EMC World 2015 segments went precisely as scripted.

Nor did every image make perfect sense.

Naturally, EMC’s message wasn’t always crystal clear to everyone.

Of course, the freebies and fun stuff got some attention too.

We’ll leave you with perhaps the most retweeted image from EMC World 2015, of Chairman and CEO Joe Tucci bidding a fond farewell after his keynote address.

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