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Riverbed throws the remote office sync into SteelFusion

Riverbed upgrades its SteelFusion remote office consolidation appliance with larger models and data sync software.

Riverbed Technology expanded the capabilities of its SteelFusion branch office appliance, upgrading its Core and Edge models while adding FusionSync software for business continuity.

SteelFusion is designed to consolidate storage, servers and backups at remote sites, removing the need for IT at those offices. The upgrade comes a year after Riverbed re-named its Granite product as SteelFusion. SteelFusion combines storage, WAN optimization and virtual machine management in a single appliance. Riverbed now labels SteelFusion "hyper-converged infrastructure for the branch office."

The addition of FusionSync keeps multiple data centers in sync with branch office data. If there is a data center failure, the branch office can continue to function.

"Each SteelFusion now includes the best Steelhead [WAN optimization] functionality," said Joshua Dobie, Riverbed's senior director of product marketing and strategy. "It has a five-time increase in network capacity for advanced network services. It has two-and-a-half times more compute for virtual servers and more capacity for SMB and regional hubs."

The upgraded SteelFusion Core and Edge models support larger branch offices and regional hubs than previous appliances. The SteelFusion Core is a single appliance that supports between 100 TB and 150 TB in branch locations. The new SteelFusion Edge system supports 256 GB of memory to handle larger workloads. Three of the Edge models support advanced tiering cache.

Dobie said a SteelFusion system makes all branch data accessible across private and hybrid clouds with zero downtime. It has also an expanded application flow engine to support the identification of 1,000 applications without any administrative input.

"We surveyed our customers and 50% of their enterprise data is at the edge," Dobie said. "So data security is the most important thing for remote sites. We offer the ability to secure and protect at the data center level and also provide performance at the edge. Each Steelhead has service level agreements for critical business applications and all the SteelFusion appliances come with full capabilities of Steelhead optimization and software-defined WAN."

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