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Quantum delivers a faster drive

Quantum Corp.'s Hard Disk Drive Group (HDD) is besting its own 10,000 RPM drive, the Atlas 10K II, with the arrival of the new Atlas 10K III disk drive. The Milpitas, Calif.-based company said that the new drive touts the highest per platter capacity in the industry at 18G Bytes per platter as well as acoustic levels comparable to 7200 RPM drives.

The Atlas 10K III utilizes both Ultra 320 and enhanced Ultra 160 interfaces. Both of which provide improvements over its previous incarnations including "packetization" and quick-arbitrate and select features. With a seek time of 4.5ms and a 73.4G Byte capacity, the Atlas 10K III is optimized for engineering and scientific support, digital content creation, workgroup, e-commerce and appliance server applications.

Quantum said the new drive is intended to provide a compelling product transition path for both its 7200 RPM and 10,000 RPM customers.

"Quantum takes an aggressive approach to addressing the large and expanding 10,000 RPM market," commented Dave Reinsel, senior research analyst at IDC. "At 18G Bytes per platter, the Atlas 10K III has an impressive combination of performance and reliability features and is a compelling offering to both the entry-level server market and midrange enterprise-level segment."

"With the advances in controller technology coupled with drives like the Atlas 10K III, it's now possible to get internal server disk storage with all of the capacity and many of the features offered in high-end external storage arrays that were popular only two years ago," said John Webster, senior analyst and IT advisor for Illuminata, Inc., Nashua, N.H. Webster added that coming out with the Ultra 320 at a time when people are just starting to assimilate Ultra 160 is somewhat of a breakthrough, albeit an expected one.

The Atlas 10K III will be available in capacities of 73.4G Bytes, 36.7G Bytes and 18.4G Bytes. It is expected to ship in volume in the first quarter of calendar year 2001. Manufacturer's suggested retail prices for the new Quantum drives are $645, $965, and $1,450, respectively.

Quantum Corp. and its Milpitas, Calif., neighbor Maxtor Corp., recently completed a $2.3 billion deal that will combine Maxtor and Quantum's Hard Disk Drive Group (HDD), in an all-stock transaction, forming one of the world's largest disk drive companies.

The newly combined entity will be named Maxtor Corp., and will be led by Mike Cannon, Maxtor's current president and chief executive officer. At closing, the company will have a combined ship rate of more than 50 million hard drives annually for use in a range of desktop personal computers, Intel-based servers, and consumer electronics applications. In addition, Maxtor's Network Systems Group, which is currently shipping a family of network-attached storage (NAS) products under the MaxAttach brand, will be part of the new company.

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