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SSP enhances portal software

Earlier this week storage services provider (SSP) StorageNetworks, Inc., gave itself a leg up on the competition by being first to market with a newly enhanced version of its Virtual Storage Portal (VSP) software. The company says that the VSP 3.0 storage service management application brings customers greater control over their data storage resources by giving them capabilities to better analyze and monitor StorageNetworks services, including DataPacs, SafePacs, BackPacs, NetPacs and Storwidth.

"As we continue to expand our enterprise data storage service offerings, we are enhancing our VSP software to give customers the power to view their storage, analyze complex data and monitor our services at the most detailed level," said Bill Miller, co-founder and chief technology officer of StorageNetworks.

Dataquest analyst Adam Couture called VSP 3.0 the portal worth the wait. "In its initial version, Gartner/Dataquest didn't even consider StoragePortal (VSP) a portal. It was simply a URL providing some reporting and notification capabilities. That's no longer the case. VSP 3.0 is replete with strong graphical capabilities that let users drill down into the StorageNetworks infrastructure just like StorageNetworks technicians and view any problem areas in real time," he said.

Couture said that although competitors are currently in the process of developing their own storage portals, at this time StorageNetworks is the only storage utility provider with this capability. "Of course, the fact that the StorageNetworks portal was first to market automatically sets the bar for all of the company's competitors. Just the same, it's a pretty high bar."

VSP version 3.0 offers new storage and service management capabilities, including the ability to measure and monitor Service Level Agreements (SLAs), view historical and current service information, and interactively request changes or upgrades to StorageNetworks services.

Administered through StorageNetworks Global Operations Center (GOC) in Waltham, Mass., and redundantly through a regional operations center in New Jersey, StorageNetworks VSP software gather massive amounts of data from disk volumes spread across the StorageNetworks Global Data Storage Networks. This level of data capture allows StorageNetworks customers to monitor their storage systems with only one software application.

VSP 3.0 is available immediately for all customers of StorageNetworks 'Pacs' and Storwidth storage services.


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