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Quick Takes: Fibre with a Pulse; Linux, will you tape this?

Quick Takes: Fibre with a Pulse; Linux, will you tape this? Kevin Komiega, Assistant News Editor

MTI hears a pulse

MTI Technology Corp., announced that it has selected Emulex Corp.'s LightPulse LP8000S SBus Fibre Channel host adapter for use with its Vivant and Gladiator storage systems. MTI, which uses the Emulex LP8000 for PCI systems running Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and AIX, will now also use the LP8000S to provide connectivity to Sun Microsystems' SBus-based servers running the Solaris operating system. The LP8000S, according to Emulex, is designed and optimized for SBus servers developed by Sun Microsystems. The LP8000S shares a common feature set and user interface with the PCI-based LP8000, enabling migration across Sun hardware platforms. The LP8000S is part of a range of Fibre Channel products offered by Emulex.

Toshiba gets its Fibre

Storage area network (SAN) infrastructure provider QLogic Corp., will soon see its QLA2200 Series Fibre Channel host adapters become part of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.'s, Computer Systems Group's (CSG) Magnia series of servers with direct attach storage subsystems. The companies are looking for the combination of the two technologies to enhance the system's OS driver and SAN management software support, as well as offering simultaneous host and target mode support with linear performance and scalability.

Run Overland under Linux

Tape backup specialists Overland Data, Inc., and Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. (EST) announced today that Overland's AIT LibraryPro automated backup tape library is certified to run under Linux. The tape drive certification program, run by EST, entails the use of a static, open set of test procedures specialized for Linux that are application-independent. EST says this process ensures that the testing is unbiased and that all devices are appraised on a level playing field. As part of the certification program, EST maintains a site where the test results of the LibraryPro are posted. The test scripts are also available for download by end users to allow testing of their existing tape drives for Linux compatibility.

What's nStor for JVC?

nStor Technologies, Inc., today announced that Victor Data Systems, Ltd. (VDS), a subsidiary of Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) has chosen the NexStor 3150 Fibre Channel RAID system as the primary RAID offering in its custom-built SAN solutions designed for the Japanese and Asian markets. The NexStor 3150 has room for up to 584G Bytes of storage and active/active RAID controllers in a 2U (3.5") enclosure.

LSC supports SANergy

LSC, Inc., is offering OFS and SAM-FS file sharing support for Tivoli Systems, Inc.'s SANergy storage management and sharing application. Support for SANergy provides systems administrators with LSC's file system and advanced storage management capabilities and the ability to share files in a multi-platform SAN (storage area network) environment. LSC's file system can be shared across a variety of platforms, including: Apple's MacOS; SGI Irix; IBM AIX; Compaq Tru64; Data General DG/UX; Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000; Sun Solaris; and Red Hat Linux platforms. Current versions of SAM-FS and QFS are available now.

Can I see your license please?

Memory upgrade maker VisionTek, Inc., has entered into a patent license agreement with Sun Microsystems, Inc., under which VisionTek has licensed the limited rights to seven current United States patents relating to memory technologies from Sun Microsystems. Exact terms of the agreement are confidential. The agreement allows VisionTek to engineer and manufacture memory products targeted for Sun server and workstation systems that fall within the scope of the licensed patents. VisionTek's memory product line for Sun workstations and servers is available immediately.

LSI and Vixel tackle server clustering

Vixel Corp. today announced that it has teamed with LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. to deliver a Fibre Channel SAN-based server clustering solution for Windows 2000/NT based environments. Named "SAN Cluster," the solution is pre-configured and certified, and targeted at small to mid-size companies. Both LSI Logic and Vixel have certified the solution, and anticipate additional certification from the Microsoft Windows Hardware Qualification Lab. The solution employs LSI Logic's MetaStor E2400 entry-level Fibre Channel storage system, Vixel's 2100 Managed Hub with Zoning and QLogic's QLA2200 series host bus adapter. SAN Cluster is designed for companies requiring mission critical, high performance e-commerce or high availability applications in Windows 2000/NT server environments.

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