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Paladin, Paladin where do you roam?

TrueSAN Networks, Inc. unveiled its Paladin Storage Network System which uses a storage architecture that features a distributed and parallel design, which TrueSAN says allows for massive scalability. The foundation for Paladin is based on a pool of fibre channel disk storage modules with embedded hardware RAID functionality interconnected through the MetaFabric subsystem. Storage modules are available in increments of 200G Bytes, 400G Bytes and 800G Bytes with 512M Bytes of cache and 2G-Bit/sec of bandwidth per module. The Paladin Storage Network System is scalable to 50T Bytes of storage capacity, 32G Bytes of cache, and 128G-Bit/sec of bandwidth. Paladin is available immediately and pricing begins at $88,000.

Customize your floppy drive

Imation Corp., is bringing a lighter and smaller version of its USB Floppy Drive to the market. The new drive boasts instant floppy compatibility and 11 interchangeable color options for any slaves to fashion out there using USB-equipped Macintosh or PC computers. The drive carries a price tag of $79.99. Imation says that by using 11 interchangeable color panels, customers can easily customize the Imation floppy drive to match their computer, their office, or even their mood. The color panels match most Apple and PC systems, including shades of Ruby, Indigo, Sage, Snow, Graphite, Strawberry, Lime, Tangerine, Blueberry, Grape, and Black.

Feel the burn

Pulling double duty this week, Imation Corp., also debuted a new line of high performance CD-ReWritable drives, including the Imation CD Burn-R 12X10X32, and the Imation CD Burn-R 8X4X32. Both are internal drives that can be installed into PCs via the IDE/ATAPI interface, and feature Adaptec's software suite including Easy CD Creator and Direct CD. Additionally, the drive kits include two recordable Imation CDs and a bonus disc with more than 100 songs and promotional offers from e CD Burn-R 12X10X32 will be available in November at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $299.99. The Imation CD Burn-R 8x4x32 will also be available in November at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $179.99. Both include a one-year limited warranty from date of purchase.

It's in the vault

Quantum/ATL, a unit of Quantum's DLT and Storage Systems Group and supplier of DLTtape automation for networked computers, released the latest version of its LANvault enterprise backup appliance, LANvault 200 V2. LANvault is an integrated solution for network backup that incorporates a backup server, tape library, central management console and, a Web site that provides a wide array of support and administration functions to LANvault customers.

Let's SANergize!

Storage management developer, Tivoli Systems Inc., unveiled Tivoli SANergy 2.2, offering a suite of published programming applications for third-party integration, expanded platform support and performance enhancements for a Storage Area Network (SAN) environment. New performance enhancements, include published APIs for partners, Linux support, expanded client support, and enhanced Macintosh support. Tivoli SANergy 2.2 will be available through Tivoli Business Partners in November, 2000.

Welcome to the StoreAge

Another player in the SAN-box, StoreAge Networking Technologies, announced the European launch of its SAN Volume Manager (SVM) Appliance. The SVM is a SAN Appliance that provides virtual volume management in a heterogeneous environment with servers and storage from multiple vendors. The SVM features physical device monitoring, volume definitions, and virtual storage allocations for all servers and storage connected to the Fibre Channel loop or fabric.

Dataram offers memory for IBM's eServers

Memory maker Dataram Corp., announced it's making memory upgrades for IBM's new eServer pSeries 640 available. Dataram is offering memory in capacities of 256M Bytes, 512M Bytes, and 1G Byte. All products consist of two ECC SDRAM modules that were developed and tested for the reliability and high memory bus bandwidth required by these servers. These upgrades come with an installation manual, lifetime warranty, and toll-free technical support. The IBM pSeries 640 is a SMP server that supports up to four copper-based Power3-II processors running at 375MHz. The systems come with a base memory capacity of 256M Bytes and can be extended to a full 16G Bytes with Dataram memory for faster performance. Prices range from $529 to $2617.

Upgrade with Grau

Grau Data Storage Inc., a developer of virtual disk storage technology, is upgrading its Infinistore Virtual Disk (IVD) Network Attached Storage (NAS) server with a new software release that packs enhanced disaster recovery capabilities and remote administration services. Grau's Infinistore Virtual Disk is a turnkey plug-and-play network storage server combining hard disk RAID storage capacity, an ultra-capacity tape library and integrated storage management software. The design allows users to scale capacity from 2.5T Bytes to 20T Bytes while the system can be configured with Fibre Channel, ATM or Gigabit Ethernet connects for performance intensive applications. Version 1.2 is now standard on all IVD systems shipped.

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