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Sun scales-up its flagship storage array

Sun Microsystems, Inc., is beefing up its flagship StorEdge T3 array with a new generation of 73G Byte hard drives, bringing the total storage capacity of the T3 to 169T Bytes.

The StorEdge T3 scales from 1.3 to 169T Bytes, with full-redundancy including mirrored cache, the company said. Sun also announced that it would ramp up production and speed delivery of the Sun StorEdge T3 array in response to customer demand.

The new drives are the first enhancement that Palo Alto, Calif.-based Sun has rolled out for the T3 array, which was introduced in June of this year.

Steve Duplessie, senior analyst for the Enterprise Storage Group, Inc. said that while Sun is one of the first vendors to incorporate the high-capacity, 73G Byte drives into its storage system, they aren't the first to the table with such an offering. Duplessie added that while Sun did beat EMC to market with the drives, XIOtech, Inc., has been using them in their Magnitude SAN for some time.

Sun spokesperson Rich Sims, product marketing manager for Sun Network Storage says that capacity isn't the only issue. Sims says the T3 packed with the new drives will not only carry a smaller price tag, but will also bring increased bandwidth to the array.

According to Sun, the new 73G Byte disk drive technology is easily integrated, allowing customers to scale the system utilizing their existing network storage infrastructure. The new drives are available in both the enterprise and workgroup class StorEdgeT3 arrays.

Sun says modular design of the StorEdge T3 gives customers the choice of purchasing in either very small or very large increments to meet their needs. The system is designed to handle a wide range of storage needs within the enterprise including database, NFS, web serving, and e-mail, and a variety of other workloads. As capacity is added, the array provides linear scalability of performance, capacity, and availability.

Pricing for the StorEdge T3 array for the Enterprise is now shipping with up to 5.2T Bytes within a standard cabinet and up to 169T Bytes per Sun Enterprise 10,000 server. The Sun StorEdge T3 array for the Enterprise is list priced at $150,890 for a 1.3T Byte configuration, while a 5.2T Byte configuration is list priced at $603,550.

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