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Benchmark outgrows its name

Shedding its skin and broadening its storage portfolio from point products to a more solution-oriented approach, Benchmark Tape Systems has changed its name to Benchmark Storage Innovations, Inc., marking a new stage in the storage company's evolution.

"Now that Benchmark has completed its initial phase of business, we can embark on leveraging our established partner relationships and drive toward our ultimate goal of becoming a true storage solutions provider," said Lew Frauenfelder, Benchmark's CEO and president. "Customers today need solutions, not just point products. We intend to respond by offering next-generation plug and play storage appliances for business applications."

Bob Abraham, president of Freeman Reports says the company's vision and long-term strategy are reflective in the subtle shift of its name and reveals a forward-thinking, customer-driven outlook.

"Benchmark evaluated what they wanted to be when they grew up," said Abraham. He said that Benchmark knew that the company eventually wanted to broaden their products to a solutions approach. "It's a major undertaking to grow out a product line like that."

According to Abraham, one of the drawbacks of a move like this, is that Benchmark might be stepping on some of its customer's toes by moving into their market space. "Some of Benchmark's customers may be leaning toward a similar move toward a solutions approach. The question then becomes do you protect [your customer base] or do you abandon it?"

In sync with the new name Benchmark has re-launched an enhanced version of its website and consolidated its operations from three separate headquarter locations to a new facility in Boulder, Colo.

"It will be interesting to see what happens. It's hard to tell how things will shake out," said Abraham. "They've put their stake in the ground and are re-identifying themselves. It's as big an opportunity as it is a challenge."

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