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XIOtech speeds SAN adoption with new $10 million program

XIOtech Corp. has announced that it plans to invest up to $10 million in emerging companies through discounts in SAN hardware and software. The move is an attempt by the storage company to improve the adoption rates of storage area networks (SANs).

XIOtech says the program's goal is to enable startups to acquire the latest storage technology (e.g. storage area networks and storage virtualization), and takes the headaches out of planning for storage, putting the focus back on the end-users primary business.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Seagate, and one of the earlier developers of SAN technology, XIOtech designed the new SANBuilder Investment Program to help emerging companies build a low-cost, scalable enterprise storage solution. XIOtech's offering is aimed at helping qualified start-up companies with an initial need for 200-400G Bytes of storage by delivering the necessary hardware, software and services to build an adaptive storage infrastructure that can scale along with their businesses.

The $10 million "investment" will not be made in the traditional sense, but rather through discounts on XIOtech's Magnitude SAN hardware and its suite of REDI software products.

"With this program, we will invest in the future of companies who have demonstrated the potential for future growth and who recognize that a solid storage infrastructure can play a strategic role in expanding their business," said Dick Blaschke, executive vice president of marketing at XIOtech.

Newly established dot coms and service providers are the prime candidates for the plan, according to XIOtech.

The company is also touting the ease of use and quick setup of its SAN solution as a selling point.

"Rather than spending money on a point-storage scheme, companies can invest in a storage foundation right away," said Blaschke. "By deploying the Magnitude today, these customers improve data access, obtain higher data availability, and achieve better management of their storage resources now and they can rest assured that their future needs will easily be met."

Two different options are available in the SANBuilder Program. One is a configuration for companies that require greater amounts of storage, such as document management, imaging operations or e-business applications, and the other is a performance configuration, for companies that need the highest possible I/O performance for heavy transactional operations, databases, etc. This configuration also features Seagate's newest drive technology, including the Cheetah X15 18G Byte, 15,000 RPM drives.

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