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Storage Access appoints StoragePoint

StoragePoint has been chosen by Storage Access to support its strategic initiatives in establishing an Internet storage business.

By licensing StoragePoint WebSAN, Storage Access has quickly deployed its first data center among many to be developed. Storage Access is a nationwide Storage Service Provider (SSP) providing capacity- on-demand, backup, archive and data replication services.

StoragePoint has developed proprietary and scalable Internet storage and access technology for enterprise data centers and Web sites. StoragePoint's WebSAN is a software application that allows secure access to online virtual storage vaults from any computer or Web-enabled cell phone. With WebSAN, users can store, share and access folders and files anywhere from any Internet-connected device. WebSAN lets corporate licensees offer their employees file management with client- and server- side encryption, automatic compression, and multi-file selection directly in the browser or through Windows.

Storage Access provides an extensive line of hosted storage applications including a widely accessible way to manage, retrieve and collaborate on files of all types from any computer in the world using the WebSAN software provided by StoragePoint. In this capacity, Storage Access provides the infrastructure for Internet storage and document management while StoragePoint provides critical server software and a quick-start implementation. Storage Access' solution will be put into operation immediately.

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NetIQ File and Storage Adminstrator 2.0 is here

NetIQ Corp. recently announced the availability of NetIQ File and Storage Administrator 2.0.

File and Storage Administrator utilizes Directory and Resource Administrator's industry leading Active View technology and provides the tools needed to simplify and track file, directory, share and service account management for Windows NT- and Windows 2000-based servers throughout an enterprise.

According to NetIQ, File and Storage Administrator is the only product currently available that allows IT administrators to delegate management of permissions over NT file systems, shares and Windows 2000's built-in disk quotas. This enables IT administrators to safely grant file and share permission management to non-administrative personnel. With this new feature, administrators can not only control what permissions are given out over a set of files, but also whose permissions can be changed by the administrative delegate.

The NetIQ File and Storage Administrator 2.0 product is available now. The product is priced at $9 per user. http:// /.

Pathlight release new version of SAN Director

Pathlight Technology recently introduced Version 2.5 of its SAN Director end-to-end SAN management software.

Version 2.5 introduces support for powerful new features including Virtual Private Map(TM) (VPM) SCSI LUN mapping access security technology for SCSI-attached hosts.

VPM provides full mapping and access security for legacy hosts in a SAN environment, enabling any SCSI-based host to seamlessly integrate directly within a heterogeneous SAN.

It's easily configured via Pathlight's SAN Director 2.5. An easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface allows mapping of any SAN device to any desired ID or LUN on a SCSI host -- even for mapping between Fabric-attached Fibre Channel devices, the company said. This method of access security enables SAN Gateway and SAN Router to provide the protected secure data paths between Fibre Channel and SCSI needed for implementing reliable resource sharing. http:// /.

Marvel at Marvell's new SOC platform

Marvell recently unveiled the first fully-complete SOC platform for next-generation data storage devices.

Marvell's SOC platform allows for the integration of the read channel, hard disk controller, microprocessor, Error Correction Code (ECC), high speed interface I/Os, and system memory functions on to a single piece of silicon.

One component of Marvell's SOC platform includes its integration-ready, PRML read channel physical layer devices. Marvell's production-proven read channels are manufactured in standard digital CMOS process technology and achieve data rates up to 750 Mb/s. http:// /.

NCR's Tetradata users will get some BakBone

BakBone Software recently announced a strategic alliance, under which NCR will offer BakBone's NetVault storage management software to users of NCR's Teradata database.

Teradata is the database of choice for mid-to-very large data warehouse environments that require ad hoc and multi-user query performance and scalability.

NetVault is centralized enterprise storage management software, featuring the ability to easily manage the most intensive backup, restore and archiving functions across a wide range of computer platforms. NetVault's scalable, advanced modular architecture operates across distributed heterogeneous client/server and multi-user environments, and is specifically designed for the next generation of network storage applications, such as storage area networks (SANs), as well as today's requirements. http:// /. http:// /.

BiTMICRO releases world's first

BiTMICRO NETWORKS recently unveiled the world's first 2.5-inch Ultra EIDE E-Disk ATX25 intelligent solid state flash disk.

The ATX25 E-Disk utilizes a combination of BiTMICRO's patented FlashBus advancements and state-of-the-art core technologies, enabling users of today's sophisticated embedded systems to fully access the power of computing. It features a 0.1 millisecond storage system access time and a sustained random read/write transfer rates of more than 14 MBytes per second. The ATX25 is the world's fastest 2.5-inch ATA interface flash drive to date.

With solid state construction and no moving parts, ATX25 can withstand 1,000 Gs of operating shock, 16.4 Gs (rms) of operating vibration and extreme operating temperatures ranging from -40 to +85 degrees centigrade. ATX25 storage capacity range from 128 MBytes to 4.3 GBytes. BiTMICRO also implements a combination of proprietary wear-leveling and remapping techniques, prolonging the effective E-Disk erase/write endurance by orders of magnitude. .

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