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HP unveils tape autoloader; announces OEM deal with Benchmark

Storage vendors were out in force this week, announcing a number of new storage products.

 Hewlett-Packard announced the HP SureStore Tape Autoloader 1/9, which it says offers many of the manageability, scalability and investment-protection features of a high-end tape library at a competitive autoloader price.

Designed as an easy-to-use, flexible data-backup solution, the 1/9 is designed to be a flexible data-backup storage option that is easy to set up and use even from a remote location.

The 1/9, which will work with operating systems such as HP-UX, Solaris and NT, features a nine-tape cartridge, one-drive configuration. It is available in either stand-alone or rack-mount configurations.

With a DLT 8000 drive, the 1/9 has data capacities of 360GB native and 720GB compressed, with estimated transfer rates of 6MB/s native and 12MB/s compressed. Later, it will ship with the DLT1 drive from Benchmark Tape Systems. >

The HP SureStore Tape Autoloader 1/9 is available worldwide with the DLT 8000 drive at an estimated U.S. street price of $7,500, and with the optional remote-management card at an estimated U.S. street price of $7,900.

In other news, HP also announced an OEM agreement to include DLT1 products from Benchmark Tape Systems Corp. in its data-protection portfolio. HP's storage line will now consist of QIC/Travan, DDS, DLT and LTO storage products geared toward everything from the desktop to the enterprise.

Dataram Corp. recently announced the availability of memory products for IBM's copper-fueled RS/6000 F80, H80 and M80 servers.

The deskside F80 and the rack-mounted H80 feature powerful 6-way processing, and support up to 16GB of Dataram's memory. The DRIH80/1024 is Dataram's 1GB upgrade consisting of a pair of ECC-protected 100MHz SDRAM modules. Both 256MB and 512MB upgrades are also available.

Offered in a rack-mountable drawer, the M80 features 8-way processing with up to 32GB of Dataram's memory supporting key e-business applications such as Java and Web serving. The 1GB DRIM80/1024, the 2GB DRIM80/2048, and the 4GB DRIM80/4096 each consist of eight ECC-protected 100MHz SDRAM modules./P>

Standard Microsystems Corp. of Hauppage, NY recently announced that NEC has introduced a new USB floppy disk drive based on SMSC's USB97CFDC Single Chip USB Floppy Disk Controller (USB FDC).

The new drive is USB bus powered and is compatible with standard US 720 Kbyte and 1.44 Mbyte formats, as well as several 1.2 Mbyte Japanese formats.

The USB Mass Storage Class compliant drive is supplied with a WHQL certified Windows 98 driver and is 100% compatible with iMac and Windows 2000 drivers supplied with these operating systems. In addition, it is capable of booting from any PC BIOS that fully supports the USB Mass Storage Class specification. The drive performance is equal to or better than conventional internal floppy drives, the company said.

Seek Systems, Inc. recently unveiled the first two members of the FasFile family of high-performance storage solutions for small to mid-sized applications: FasFile RAID and FasFile Xcelerator.

FasFile RAID is self-configuring RAID disk storage that reduces IT management overhead while improving application performance and end-user service, the company says. It can be installed into any UNIX, Linux, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 server environment in less than one hour. Using adaptive RAID technology plus industry-standard SCSI and fiber SAN connectivity, FasFile RAID improves the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of data storage.

FasFile Xcelerator is a storage appliance, which makes applications run faster without disrupting server hardware, application code, database design or storage architecture. It links one or more servers to standard SCSI-attached disk storage systems. FasFile Xcelerator also constantly identifies frequently used data and relocates it to cache storage, delivering a ten to twenty fold improvement in response time.

Pricing for FasFile RAID begins at $20,000 and FasFile Xcelerator at $15,000. They are sold directly and through a network of authorized resellers.

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