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Brief: AMD debuts flash memory for portable devices

AMD has introduced a 32M-Bit flash memory device for portable systems such as cellular phones. The new Am29DS323 combines simultaneous read/write architecture with super low voltage technology. Sunnyvale, Calif.-headquartered AMD said the 1.8-volt device is capable of read access times as fast as 110 nanoseconds and can reduce flash memory power consumption by up to 60% as compared to standard 3-volt flash memory devices.

Through simultaneous read/write technology, the memory array of the Am29DS323 is split into two independent memory banks of 8M Bytes and 24M Bytes capacity, respectively. AMD said this design allows the system processor to read data from one bank and program the other bank with zero latency, thereby reducing the need for other memory devices.

Additionally, when the Am29DS323 is inactive it automatically puts itself into "sleep" mode through its Zero Power Operation feature and consumes only 0.2uA of current. The device is available in FBGA (Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array) packaging, and also includes the SecSi (secured silicon) Sector, which helps protect against unauthorized system cloning. The new device rates a price of $22.40 in 10,000 piece quantities.

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