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NetConvergence sets sights on storage over IP

NetConvergence, Inc., of Santa Clara, Calif., announced plans to aggressively push IP (Internet Protocol) storage technology. The company said its Matrix Integrated Storage Gateways product line allows different network protocols to come together into one unified system. NetConvergence is aiming to provide IP storage connectivity products to the storage area network (SAN) market.

Storage over IP is being pursued by other companies as well. Minneapolis, Minn.-based Computer Network Technology Corp., debuted a similar technology in April that is designed to extend a SAN over a wide-area network by moving storage over IP. The CNT solution allows SCSI, Fibre Channel, remote tape vaulting for backup, and data replication over an IP backbone.

According to NetConvergence, the Matrix family of products will initially have three members: a standalone iSCSI gateway, an iSCSI network interface card and an iSCSI blade that plugs into standard Gigabit Ethernet switches. These products are based on the modular Matrix software core, which can be upgraded to support any network protocol or storage interconnect technology. NetConvergence plans to extend support for connecting SCSI devices over Gigabit Ethernet using the iSCSI protocol to include Fibre Channel and Infiniband devices. They said the ultimate goal is to provide universal connectivity in virtually all network configurations.

Dig Deeper on SAN technology and arrays

IP storage switch and routers: Product snapshots IP storage networks have emerged as a versatile and inexpensive alternative to traditional Fibre Channel SANs, and IP SAN deployments -- primarily iSCSI -- are appearing in businesses of all sizes. iSCSI offers good speed and reliability, and can transport storage data across the Internet. IP SANs rely on IP storage switches and routers to segment storage traffic and keep it isolated from everyday user traffic. Today's IP switches and routers even offer advanced features like compression, acceleration, clustering, failover, and multipathing; optimizing WAN bandwidth and maintaining IP SAN availability in the event of hardware problems. The product snapshots in this chapter highlight key specifications for a cross section of popular IP storage switch and router products.

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