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Adaptec pushes initiative to put a RAID on every server

Adaptec, Inc., is on a mission to bring RAID to mainstream PC servers with the debut of the "RAID Everywhere" initiative. The Milpitas, Calif.-based company said the initiative is focused on reducing the cost of RAID to end-users, advancing the technology, and simplifying the use of RAID technology.

Not surprisingly, the announcement included the unveiling of three new microprocessor-based Ultra160 SCSI RAID solutions with Adaptec chip technology.

Critical data exists in businesses of every size, yet the benefits of RAID have simply not been widely available, due to cost, complexity or support issues," said Jeff Loebbaka, vice president of channel marketing at Adaptec. "The goal of RAID Everywhere is to put RAID on every server and make it as ubiquitous as SCSI."

But how will they get the mainstream to wake up and smell the disks? Adaptec said it has simplified installation and support with new easy-to-use management software tools and 24x7 global customer care. They also have plans on the drawing board to develop new ways to extend the adoption of RAID in the marketplace, from offering a range of new solutions, to educating the market on the latest technology developments and applications.

Among the new offerings are two 64-bit Ultra160 SCSI RAID controllers, the Adaptec SCSI RAID 3200S and 3400S, that feature a 3/4 - size form factor, and come in two- and four-channel versions, respectively. Adaptec also introduced the SCSI RAID 2100S, a half-size, single channel Ultra160 RAID controller.

Adaptec points to its RAIDPort RAID-on-Motherboard (ROMB) technology as a step toward making RAID widely affordable, and its AAA-UDMA RAID card for bringing RAID 5 functionality to entry-level servers. Adaptec said its acquisition of Maitland, Fla.-based Distributed Processing Technology (DPT) last year helped the company broaden its product portfolio to include microprocessor-based RAID products, giving customers more choices for using RAID to protect their critical data.

The company said that future RAID developments will be applied across new storage fabrics including Fibre Channel, EtherStorage, PCI-X and Infiniband. Adaptec also plans to increase interoperability testing to include up to $2.8 million in new equipment and a 50% increase in test-against systems and configurations this year. Technical support will also be enhanced with the launch of new Adaptec reseller educational programs on RAID later this year.

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