Adaptec debuts new line of RAID controllers

Milpitas, Calif.-based Adaptec, Inc., has hit the RAID market with a trio of new, microprocessor-based Ultra160 SCSI RAID controllers for entry- and mid-range servers.

The new offerings include two 64-bit Ultra160 SCSI RAID controllers, the Adaptec SCSI RAID 3200S and 3400S, that feature a 3/4-size form factor, and come in two- and four-channel versions, respectively. The third controller, the Adaptec SCSI RAID 2100S, is a half-size, single channel Ultra160 RAID controller. All three products are based on Adaptec's Ultra160 SCSI technology.

"IDC is projecting the entry server segment to provide the fastest growth opportunity for RAID, with market penetration expected to increase from 15% to 35% within the next two years," said Robert Gray, research director, storage systems, at IDC. "These new products from Adaptec are timely, and we believe the company is well-positioned to extend its presence in this market, given its leadership in SCSI and RAID and unparalleled channel strength."

Adaptec's new SCSI RAID controllers are based on Adaptec's Trident II Ultra160 SCSI chip. RAID features include online capacity expansion, background initialization and predictive caching.

The controllers also support all major server operating systems, including Windows 95/98, NT/2000, Linux, NetWare, Unix and more.

Adaptec's SCSI RAID 3200S is a two-channel mid-range controller, for conventional and 2U rack-mount server environments. It is priced at $825 for the complete kit and features a 64-bit microprocessor with optional Battery Backup Module (BBM), a 32M Bytes of socketed SDRAM cache memory (expandable to 128M Bytes), and full support of major operating systems.

The Adaptec SCSI RAID 3400S is a four-channel version of the 3200S, and is targeted at mid-range to high-end servers. Complete kit priced at $1,120.

The Adaptec SCSI RAID 2100S, with its compact 1/2-size form factor, is for use in conventional and rack-mount servers and workstations. It boasts 32M Bytes of socketed SDRAM cache memory (also expandable to 128MB) for a price of $499.

According to Adaptec, all three new SCSI RAID controller kits include Adaptec's new Storage Manager Pro management software utility, and the appropriate connecting cable.

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