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A hat trick of enhancements for Procom's NAS appliances

For the third time in as many months, Procom Technology, Inc., has announced enhancements to its line of NetForce Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances. According to Procom, this move has been prompted by the company's effort to keep up with the escalating demand for increased capacity and storage management requirements.

The new software, dubbed Version 3.2 enhances the performance of its mid-range and high-end NetForce series of NAS devices, according to the Santa Ana, Calif.-headquartered Procom. The upgrade includes the NetForce 1500, 2200 HA and 2500 SFT platforms.

According to Procom, Version 3.2 touts a 22% performance increase. The product's new list of features includes support for both Etherchannel port aggregation and for Unicode characters. In terms of Etherchannel port aggregation, the company claims that Version 3.2 will allow for load balancing between two Ethernet ports while utilizing a single IP address. With Unicode character support, it will allow for the native use of international character sets (such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese).

Other add-ons include better support for NetForce to be deployed in storage consolidation. These include the ability to migrate access control list (ACL) permission settings from existing NT servers onto NetForce (via SCOPY). They also include NetForce support of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), which allows NetForce to be monitored by a wider range of SNMP management software, such as CA Unicenter and HP Openview.

"With the escalating demand for storage, particularly among e-business customers, Procom moved quickly to roll out an enhanced-capacity NetForce 1500," said Dr. Homayoun Yousefizadeh, Procom senior product manager. Yousefizadeh said that NetForce 1500 Filers provide a cost efficient method of scaling storage in workgroup, departmental, and now large-scale storage applications.

In the last weeks of June, Procom doubled the capacity of its flagship NAS device by incorporating 73G Byte disk drives into the NetForce 1500, raising the total capacity to 730G Bytes. This announcement immediately followed the release of a new software revision for the NetForce 1500, 2200 HA and 2500 SFT platforms.

The enhanced software suite will be available in the second half of August with no increase in price.

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