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Brief: StorCase builds rotational vibration test lab

StorCase Technology, Inc., formerly known as Kingston Technology's Storage Products Division, has built an in-house rotational vibration (RV) testing laboratory to advance the drive enclosure design process.

The RV testing lab will be used to ensure that new enclosures are designed with the necessary structural rigidity and drive carrier/chassis fit to meet RV guidelines handed down by major drive manufacturers. The lab is housed within the StorCase product development facility in Fountain Valley, Calif.

StorCase has a dedicated test team and the required equipment to test each drive bay of each new enclosure model, before they enter production.

"High RV levels that occur in drive systems and cause drive failures can be greatly reduced at the drive enclosure level," said Ajay Lukha, director of StorCase Technology Europe. "Drive and enclosure designers need to work together to successfully deal with the potential RV problem. StorCase's new RV laboratory will enable us to perfect our products at the design stage so that they perform at peak levels when deployed in real-world implementations."

The lab is focused on eliminating rotational vibration caused by external inputs to the chassis, other devices in the system and the drive's own internal vibrations. According to Lukha, the key to preventing drive damage and failures -- not to mention critical and costly down-time or data loss -- is to limit the levels of angular acceleration actually perceived by the drive while it is housed within the enclosure.

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