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Brief: Mac Components Engineered unveils PowerBook hard drives

Mac Components Engineered's PowerBook Products Division (MCE PowerBook Products), has debuted two high-capacity expansion bay hard drives for the Apple Powerbook. The Irvine, Calif., Apple developer's new drives are 20G Byte and 30G Byte versions of its popular Xcaret Pro line of expansion bay hard drives for the Apple PowerBook.

The Xcaret Pro-99 Media Bay Hard Drive is designed for the current 500MHz and 400MHz Apple PowerBooks, as well as the previous generation 400MHz and 333MHz Apple PowerBook G3 Series. Both units are already shipping in limited quantities, and MCE will ramp up its shipping quantities by Sept. 1.

According to MCE, the drives are specially tuned for multimedia applications. They feature the ability to recognize large file transfers, such as video capture or export, and automatically suspends background maintenance duties to allow the stream of data to flow unfettered.

The Xcaret Pro-99 is designed to fit into the right expansion bay of the current Apple PowerBook as well as the previous generation Apple PowerBook G3 Series-1999. The drives utilize Apple drivers to operate, eliminating any potential driver conflicts. Also, both models can be configured to boot the PowerBook directly.

Pricing for the 20G Byte MCE Xcaret Pro-99 Media Bay Hard Drive is $599, while the 30G Byte drive will cost $699.

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