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Exabyte spins off storage service provider

Exabyte Corp. has entered the storage utility business with the formation of CreekPath Systems, Inc., a new storage service provider (SSP). Exabyte said it is transferring considerable intellectual property and resources to launch CreekPath, including an undisclosed amount of "angel funding" capital. CreekPath's charter is to "make e-storage easy for e-businesses" by providing storage like a utility service, and is initially focused on prospective customers who desire to outsource their storage requirements.

Exabyte has committed a group of more than a dozen engineers from Exabyte's Storage Area Network (SAN) interoperability team to begin CreekPath Systems. That team, lead by Michael Koclanes as general manager of Exabyte's Automation Division, has been working for over two years developing SAN management software and installing operating storage networks via Exabyte's reseller channels. Koclanes becomes president and chief executive officer for CreekPath. The company has named Craig Reed, who led the design of the NetStorM SAN management software, as chief technology officer.

CreekPath is touting their IT team as one of the most experienced teams of storage veterans in the industry. They are banking on the idea that customers could never assemble the expert storage IT team that CreekPath provides them today.

Also transferred to CreekPath from Exabyte is the SAN management software dubbed NetStorm, created by the Exabyte team for remote storage management. CreekPath plans to use the software in its i-SAN (internet SAN) installations.

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