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BakBone's NetVault made available in U.S.

BakBone Software is bringing its NetVault storage management software to the North American market after years...

of overseas testing and use.

NetVault is centralized enterprise storage management software capable of managing intensive backup, restore and archiving functions across a wide range of distributed, heterogeneous client/server and multi-user environments. BakBone, based in San Diego, Calif., says that NetVault is able to handle next generation storage networking applications, such as storage area networks (SANs), as well as existing architectures.

NetVault supports servers and clients in the UNIX, Linux, and NT markets. It combines modular scalability with what BakBone has labeled a "single look and feel" GUI management utility, which is identical for UNIX and NT.

According to the company, BakBone's NetVault was designed with the idea that the current storage management software on the market is going to have to be re-architected for e-commerce in the near future.

BakBone is bringing NetVault to North America with a message of ease-of-use. The operation of NetVault is accomplished through the new multi-OS GUI for remote management, the tunable features, automated restore, dynamic file sharing, virtual storage pool, and direct client to tape backup. The software is also scalable from workgroup level networks to enterprise environments and is backed by worldwide IT support.

Installing NetVault allows for auto detection of network components, advanced scheduling options, and on-line help screens.

A late addition to the NetVault offering is the inclusion of DirecSAN Client Transfer that removes the backup server from the backup data path, in an effort to maximize performance, and lower the total cost of operation. DirecSAN can transfer data over a SAN, directly from a client to a tape drive located on the SAN. The data completely bypasses the backup server, allowing it to completely avoid CPU cycles by moving the data across its own bus.

In non-SAN networks, NetVault allows library sharing with systems directly attached to SCSI drives, again bypassing the LAN and optimizing backup performance. The modular architecture features a "pluggable" core, flexible device support, point and click application plug in modules, and a GUI standardization across platforms.

BakBone is making NetVault available immediately at $1000 for an NT or Linux workgroup package and at $3725 for similar packages running on UNIX. Both include NetVault server software and software for five clients, two tape drives, and library support.

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