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MicroNet's SANcube gets a capacity boost

MicroNet Technology, Inc., debuted its new configurations for its SANcube, a FireWire Storage Area Network (SAN). An Irvine, Calif.-based subsidiary of Ampex Corp., MicroNet is offering its new 450G Byte, four-user SANcube which, according to the company provides almost half a terabyte of online storage and delivers up to 33M Bits per second data throughput.

Two new dual-channel SANcube X-stream arrays, in 270G Byte and 450G Byte capacities, provide faster throughput, by striping data across two FireWire busses to achieve up to 65M Bits per second sustained throughput.

The SANcube serverless storage network is designed to offer increased network performance for digital content creators in the digital video, multimedia, and prepress markets who collaborate on large video and image files on Power Mac G4, Power Macintosh G3, PowerBook, and iMac DV systems with built-in FireWire. SANcube incorporates up to six high-performance hard drives in a compact cube. Weighing in at just under 30 pounds, the SANcube is approximately 10x10x10 inches.

While the 450G Byte SANcube is a single-channel array using one FireWire port, the new two-user 270G Byte and four-user 450G Byte dual-channel SANcube arrays include a PCI FireWire accelerator card, and use both the built-in FireWire port, and the expanded data path of the PCI bus to increase throughput for faster transfer rates.

SANcube centralizes data, provides share level data access, and eliminates data copying time to increase productivity in the workgroup. Users can configure SANcube as a single volume by striping the data (RAID 0) across the drives for enhanced performance and capacity, or duplicate or mirror the data (RAID 1) at high speeds for increased data protection. Since SANcube is stackable and hot-pluggable, the system expands and reconfigures easily as workgroup storage requirements increase.

The 450G Byte, four-user SANcube will be available in August for $5,999. The dual-channel SANcube X-stream arrays will also ship in August for $4599 in the 270G Byte capacity, and $6999 for the 450Gbyte model.

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