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VA Linux shrinks the storage footprint with 2U enclosure

VA Linux Systems, Inc., has announced the availability of its new VA Linux 9008 2U storage enclosure system. The 3.5 inch system features eight hot-swappable disk drives in an ultra-dense enclosure, with a total of 584G Bytes, more than half a terabyte, of raw storage capacity.

With the release of the 9008, the Sunnyvale, Calif., company is the first to market with an 8-drive 2U Ultra2 SCSI enclosure.

The new unit is available with the VA Linux 2200 series and 3500 servers. Used in conjunction with the VA 150+ single-channel RAID controller or the VA 1100 3-channel RAID controller, the VA Linux 9008 storage enclosure provides additional protection against drive failures and data loss, while minimizing downtime. It also sports redundant power supplies and redundant cooling modules as standard features.

The VA Linux 9008 storage enclosure currently supports hard disk drives of up to 73G Bytes, with speeds of up to 10,000 RPMs, and is upgradeable with next generation drives as they become available. The 9008 uses the same driver carrier design as the VA Linux 2200 series server, so that customers can use the same spare hard drives for both. Like the 2200 series servers, the VA Linux 9008 supports both 1" and 1.6" drives.

The VA Linux 9008 storage system extends current storage options for the VA Linux 2200 series and 3500 servers, and is slated to be a component of larger network-attached storage (NAS) solutions targeted for release later this year.

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