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EMC's Symmetrix gets extension from Integratus clustering product

Integratus, Inc., a Campbell, Calif.-based developer and integrator of business continuation software, announced the availability of the Universal High Availability (UHA) Extension for EMC, an advanced clustering solution for local or geographically dispersed applications and data. Integratus developed the UHA Extension for EMC Corp. as a member of EMC's E-Infostructure Developers Program in an effort to provide seamless integration and optimized availability for Hopkinton, Mass.-headquartered EMC's open enterprise storage systems and software.

UHA was the industry's first multi-platform, local and wide-area clustering product designed developed on Solaris, FreeBSD, and Linux to be deployed and easily administrated across a network. In the event of an application, system or site failure, UHA migrates applications such as web servers, back-end databases, and mail servers to ensure that they continue to run on a local or geographically dispersed cluster.

Integratus developed the Extension through EMC's E-Infostructure Developer Program that provides access to EMC's Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and their storage experts. The Extension for EMC leverages the networking capabilities of the EMC Symmetrix system and supports EMC's Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) replication software.

A tunable communication module enables customers to set up a secure heartbeat network through a Symmetrix system between each node in the cluster. This eliminates the need for separate leased lines or dedicated networks, thus affording significant cost savings. The Extension for EMC enables automated management from one console of all the four areas of disaster recovery: failure detection, data synchronization, application recovery, and user redirection.

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