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Procom gives NAS appliances a second boost

Right on the heels of announcing performance, management, and security enhancements for its NetForce series of NAS appliances, Procom Technology Inc., has added to the list of improvements by doubling the storage capacity of its NetForce 1500.

The Santa Ana, Calif. company has incorporated new 73G Byte disk drives into the NetForce 1500 which more than doubles its former capacity to 730G Bytes. Procom is targeting the expanding storage requirements of companies running e-business applications.

"With the escalating demand for storage, particularly among e-business customers, Procom moved quickly to roll out an enhanced-capacity NetForce 1500," said Dr. Homayoun Yousefizadeh, Procom senior product manager. Yousefizadeh said that NetForce 1500 Filers provide a cost efficient method of scaling storage in workgroup, departmental, and now large-scale storage applications.

The NetForce 1500 represents Procom's newest NAS technology offering. It delivers up to 730G Bytes of capacity at a price point of less than 10 cents per M Byte.

Available in deskside and rackmount configurations, the NetForce 1500 is now offered in maximum capacity ranges of 180G Byte, 360G Byte and 730G Byte models with retail prices starting at about $22,000.

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