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NetApp StorageGrid and SteelStore revamped for Amazon clouds

Upgraded appliances and a new release of Cloud OnTap target customers who want to run NetApp storage in Amazon public clouds.

NetApp Inc. Tuesday introduced virtual models of its SteelStore backup appliance with Amazon Machine Image integration and also the first hardware version of its StorageGrid Webscale object storage archive.

The moves are part of a series of rollouts intended to make it easier for customers to run NetApp storage in a public cloud, particularly Amazon Web Services (AWS).

NetApp also released the next iteration of Cloud OnTap, the virtual edition of its clustered Data OnTap operating system for storage on NetApp FAS arrays. The software-only model is designed to run NetApp Private Storage atop Amazon Elastic Block Storage.

NetApp StorageGrid and SteelStore combo enables on-prem archive with S3 storage

Three virtual models of SteelStore Amazon Machine Image support are available on a subscription basis, marking the first upgrade to the SteelStore line since NetApp acquired the backup hardware in October from Riverbed Technology.

Customers have the option to install SteelStore devices as physical devices to cache restores or as virtual cloud gateways.

"SteelStore is very flexible. You simply point an application at the SteelStore destination device and it accepts any primary storage system as input," said Richard Treadway, NetApp senior director of product marketing.

As a complement to SteelStore, NetApp released StorageGrid Webscale as optional hardware. Previously NetApp StorageGrid was available only as a virtual software appliance. StorageGrid 10.1 has the capacity to ingest and write data to Amazon Simple Storage Service.

StorageGrid hardware is a version of NetApp E-Series arrays, with management software embedded in storage controllers. The upgraded StorageGrid adds erasure coding to support geographic replication.

Treadway said customers can deploy SteelStore as an on-premises archive repository and use StorageGrid to move data to cloud storage as it ages.

Cloud OnTap enhances hybrid cloud management, resource allocation

Cloud OnTap allows run time data to be used in the cloud. NetApp launched Cloud OnTap in November for customers who want to run NetApp FAS storage in an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instance. Customers can burst into the Amazon compute tier as needed while retaining full control of their NetApp storage on-premises or in the cloud.

The latest iteration includes NetApp OnCommand Insight 7.1 storage management suite and makes the OnCommand Cloud Manager GUI available as a software subscription in Amazon for provisioning and de-provisioning cloud storage.

The spate of products extends NetApp's partnership with Amazon that started in November 2012 with the launch of NetApp Private Storage on AWS. More than a dozen cloud providers support NetApp Private Storage, although Treadway said most NetApp customers use Amazon.

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