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EMC Syncplicity takes a wider view of file sharing with Panorama

EMC Syncplicity adds Panorama for end users looking to manage online storage on mobile devices from multiple repositories.

EMC Syncplicity has expanded the number of data sources that it can use for its file sync-and-share capabilities. The vendor this week introduced Syncplicity Panorama, a software-based connector that works with any Server Message Block (SMB) and CIFS storage to provide file sharing through mobile applications.

The Panorama connector, which is a virtual machine that sits on the network share, allows users to access enterprise content sources such as home directories, file shares and Microsoft SharePoint via mobile application without being a Syncplicity customer. The Syncplicity application talks to the Panorama virtual machine, which brokers the connection to the network share.

"Customers have multiple repositories and we are making sure we can extend that investment for them," said Jeetu Patel, general manager of the Syncplicity business unit at EMC. "You can pull the data and do editing and presentations from mobile images and have all the company data at your fingertips. Our strategy is to add more data stores."

Panorama is available as a standalone Syncplicity Panorama for Network Shares application or as part of the Syncplicity Enterprise Edition. The Network Shares version gives access to online file storage on non-EMC storage. As part of the Enterprise Edition, Panorama adds mobile, VPN-less access to CIFS/SMB storage and SharePoint 2010 or 2013.

Panorama also includes a built-in editor for Microsoft Office files and PDFs, and the ability to upload new content and access files without having to re-enter credentials.

EMC claims IT departments will benefit from Panorama because they don't have to migrate files -- they can be accessed from existing storage. Panorama also includes AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest and in motion, as well as secure credentials on mobile devices.

Rob Koplowitz, vice president and principal analyst for application development and delivery professionals at Forrester Research, said Syncplicity's goal is to expand access to files without sacrificing security.

"In general, solutions like Panorama increase security because it brings largely unmanaged sharing into a manageable environment," he said. "With the integration of EMC's IRM [information rights management] technology, Syncplicity actually becomes a solution for documents requiring very stringent security."

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