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Seagate E-NAS drives bring 6 TB hard drives to SMBs

Seagate adds 6 TB E-NAS hard drives for SMBs and small enterprises that can scale to 96 TB in a 16-rack configuration.

Seagate Technology Ltd. today introduced a 6 TB SATA drive for SMBs and small enterprises.

The new Enterprise NAS (E-NAS) line is also available in 2 TB, 3 TB, 4 TB and 5 TB capacities for use in rack-mounted enclosures of four to 16 bays. Three-year Rescue Data Recovery Services for RAID comes as a standard feature on the Seagate E-NAS drives. A 16-bay rack filled with E-NAS drives provides up to 96 TB of storage.

Seagate said NAS vendors QNAP Inc. and Synology Inc. are performing early qualification tests.

The Seagate E-NAS drives sit between Seagate's near-line Enterprise Capacity SATA HDDs and its NAS HDD drives for home offices and desktops. Both of them top out at 4 TB capacities. The E-NAS family is designed for companies that average 20 users and 135 TB of storage.

The Seagate E-NAS drives are positioned as a direct competitor to Western Digital Technologies Inc.'s Red Pro HDD line, with a maximum capacity of 4 TB.

Before launching the E-NAS series, Seagate conducted a blind study of 1,400 global SMEs to identify needs and use cases.

"The No. 1 issue was backup and disaster recovery, which is what NAS is best known for," said Joni Clark, manager of Seagate's global NAS segment. "Secondarily, end users also wanted a NAS system that could deliver high performance at a lower price and that is easy to use."

QNAP is qualifying Seagate E-NAS drives on its TS-ECx80 Pro and TS-ECx80U-RP Turbo NAS line that it launched in July. Shawn Chu, a QNAP product manager, said the E-NAS HDDs fall between WD's Red Line and HGST Inc.'s Deskstar NAS. Chu said SMBs and small enterprises are turning to NAS to accommodate more complex storage.

"For small businesses, media files are getting bigger and bigger. They are using NAS for video editing and different kinds of storage such as virtualization," Chu said.

Clark said Seagate optimized its drive firmware for streaming workloads. The E-NAS HDD family is rated to provide sustained data transfer up to 220 Gbps and 228 IOPS performing random write with a queue depth of 64.

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