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DataDirect WOS 360 object storage gets support for Amazon S3

DataDirect Networks rolls out an Amazon S3 API and Gateway and integrates the S3 application layer with WOS 360 object storage.

DataDirect Networks Inc. this week added tools to tailor its Web Object Scaler 360 object storage platform for use with Amazon Simple Storage Service.

The high-performance computing specialist introduced DataDirect Networks (DDN) Web Object Scaler (WOS) 360 Simple Storage Service (S3), which consists of a five-node cluster of WOS 360 S3 Gateway servers that fronts WOS storage and an S3-compatible API.

The API lets customers write applications to an Amazon S3 cloud and integrate the application layer within DDN WOS. That marks a departure for DDN, which traditionally sold WOS storage with a specific application layer running on top.

WOS S3 supports tiered storage on DDN's GridScaler or ExaScaler appliances as well as back-end NAS.

"The S3 implementation will make it much easier for our customers to use the scalability and performance of WOS to layer in additional applications," said Lance Broell, DDN product marketing manager for WOS 360.

The WOS 360 platform does not use an underlying file system to organize data objects within a node cluster. DDN brands the feature as its WOS NoFS (No File System) architecture, a single-layer address system that groups objects of a similar size in addressable containers on disk.

The Amazon S3 API supports RESTful interface concepts for named objects. DDN claims WOS S3 will work with existing and future Amazon S3 applications. The platform supports 11 API data calls out of the box. That includes support for multi-part uploads of large object files in parallel and the ability to delete multiple directory objects with a single command.

The DDN WOS S3 Gateway is sold in a minimum configuration of five servers: a cluster management console, three S3 instances for NoSQL data base quorums and one device for high availability and failover. The five nodes can support 500 concurrent users and up to 5 billion S3 objects. The management console can also take over an S3 instance in the event of a failure.

Users can add one device at a time following the initial installation. The cluster can scale to up to 10 S3 Gateways in a single namespace.

WOS S3 supports NFS, CIFS and SMB protocols and includes policy management in the WOS 360 platform for global content distribution for replication and disaster recovery. Each WOS S3 node contains a map of all objects on the cluster to define the lowest latency path for retrieving data.

DDN said third-party vendors that have qualified software for WOS S3 include ASG Software, BridgeStor, Ctera and QStar.

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