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Cloudian adds appliances, flash to run HyperStore cloud software

Hybrid cloud vendor Cloudian bucks the software-defined storage trend, adding appliances to run its HyperStore object software.

Hybrid cloud vendor Cloudian this week added appliances to run the latest version of its object-based HyperStore software.

The San Francisco-based company's HyperStore appliance (HSA) series includes the HSA1024 for entry-level clouds, the HSA1048 for active archiving and the HSA2060 for enterprises.

The 1U HSA1024 scales to 24 TB and is designed for Amazon Simple Storage Service-compatible private cloud storage. The HSA1048 is a denser 1U appliance that scales to 48 TB with 4 TB SATA drives. The 2U HSA2060 scales to 60 TB with 5 TB SATA drives and is aimed at enterprises running high I/O bandwidth applications such as media and entertainment, energy, finance and healthcare. The HSA2060 uses a small amount of flash to optimize performance, and has an expansion slot for SAS drives.

Cloudian also upgraded its HyperStore software to version 5.0. HyperStore handles automated data tiering and supports all S3-type applications.

Cloudian competes with Cleversafe, Scality, EMC Atmos and others in the object storage market.

Paul Turner, Cloudian's CMO, said its new appliance will take advantage of the faster CPU advancements that Intel is putting in the market as a way to compete with the traditional hardware storage vendors.

"Traditional arrays have a release cycle of every three years," he said. "Intel is doing major releases each year and minor ones every six months. Storage arrays do releases every two or three years. That is a pretty big delta. We will do everything in our hardware to take advantage of the [processor] advances."

Cloudian is diverting from an overall trend in the storage market where vendors are putting more focus on software-defined storage rather than hardware.

"The problem with software-only is you have to take storage software and commodity servers and rack that all together and set it all up," Turner said. "That may be cost-effective but you have the problem where you don’t get a simple install and one throat to choke. Storage should be set and forget."

HyperStore's HyperScale vNode architecture allows the storage system to automatically load balance and distribute data across dissimilar nodes. The HyperStore software can be deployed on a customer's existing hardware or preconfigured on a HyperStore appliance. Customers can deploy and add more nodes as they are needed that take advantage of faster processors.

"VNodes allow you to use dissimilar nodes on nodes that have 24 terabytes [and reside] next to 64 TB nodes," said Colm Keegan, senior analyst at Storage Switzerland. "If you need to have more storage, you don’t need an extra component on the ring."

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