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Overland Storage unveils NAS server, enterprise-class storage software

Overland Storage releases GuardianOS 7.6 software in desktop form factor NAS platform via its SnapServer XSD 40 NAS server.

Overland Storage, Inc., announced the availability of its GuardianOS 7.6 release software in a desktop form factor NAS platform.

The SnapServer XSD 40 is part of Overland's SnapServer Series of NAS servers and runs on the company's GuardianOS 7.6 software. Guardian OS 7.6 features native snapshot and replication as well as SnapServer Manager, which is designed for customers with small or remote offices to manage and protect their data from a central console. The software also offers BitTorrent Sync integration and data stored on the SnapServer XSD 40 can be accessed from anywhere to support collaboration among remote users. GuardianOS 7.6 includes print server functionality, eliminating the need to purchase separate print server licenses, Dynamic RAID and antivirus protection.

Self-provisioning storage pools allow multiple NAS volumes and iSCSI LUNs to share resources and data protection, enabling thin provisioning of logical storage.

The SnapServer XSD 40 is integrated with RDX disk-based removable disk media. The RDX QuikStor can be connected to the SnapServer via USB port, allowing the RDX storage system to be automatically detected as a backup device. The RDX removable disk can be taken offsite for an offsite backup for disaster recovery.

The SnapServer XSD 40 features self-provisioning and self-expanding volumes that allow IT admins to add storage capacity as needs change and automatically integrate new capacity to increase storage space for all client systems.

Analysts spoke highly of the product in terms of how it compares with other desktop NAS products on the market.

"It's actually a bit better than most desktop NAS," said Marc Staimer of Dragon Slayer Consulting. "It has a pretty complete software stack, much more than most. Its performance is good, too."

"In an era where we think in terms of Lenovo, Iomega, Synology, Drobo, Buffalo, Seagate/Lacie and NetGear among a long list of other desktop, SOHO, SMB, ROBO NAS unified storage solutions, we need to remember the precursor to some of those, which is Snap," said Greg Schulz of StorageIO. "It's great to see Snap continue to evolve with its new parents Overland, who are enhancing the solution with new capabilities to coexist in legacy as well as contemporary hybrid clouds."

The SnapServer XSD 40 is available now from authorized Overland Storage channel resellers in capacity configurations from 2 terabyes (TB) to 16 TB with a starting price of $949.

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