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Thecus unveils OS updates, Synology America standardizes warranties

Thecus announces OS updates to its NAS lineup while Synology America launches a RackStation model and standardizes warranties on its XS+/XS models.

Thecus Technology Corporation announced updates to its OS lineup this week while Synology America Corp. launched a new RackStation model and standardized the warranties on its RackStation XS+/XS models.

Thecus announces OS updates to full NAS lineup

Thecus Technology Corporation this week announced that it had enhanced the firmware on its entire lineup of consumer and enterprise NAS models, including the ThecusOS 5 and 6.

The company said the enhancements will boost the capability and security of its product line, including giving consumer and SOHO NAS users the features typically found on business-class storage. ThecusOS 6 is upgraded on the N2310 to offer multiple RAID volumes and RAID Encryption. The 2-bay N2520 and N2560 as well as the 4-bay N4520 and N4560 model updates now offer enhanced uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) support and multiple RAID volumes. Thecus also updated the OpenSSL and fixed bugs to increase the security and reliability of these consumer and SOHO Thecus NAS models.

Thecus also said that its SMB NAS models, such as the 7-bay N7710-G, now support additional enterprise-class storage features with the latest firmware for ThecusOS 5. These features include updated OpenSSL for improved security and enhanced compatibility for numerous UPSes. In addition, a beta update features Btrfs Snapshots for improved backup capability and ESXi VAAI, which enhances virtualization performance by offloading VMware storage operations to the NAS.

All the firmware updates include support for the latest T-OnTheGo features including improved file sharing through Link Share, automatic setup through Auto Scan and an embedded Thecus ID and DDNS registration tool.

ThecusOS 6 NAS users can upgrade their software through the Online Upgrade feature in their UI. ThecusOS 5 users should navigate to the Download Center and follow the instructions there for the appropriate model.

Thecus also announced an update to its T-OnTheGo mobile app which allows users to share files, automatically sync photos from their mobile device and streamline the setup.

T-OnTheGo offers file sharing, data protection and ability to access files from anywhere. It has been updated with Share Link, Photo Sync and Instant Upload.

Share Link creates an encrypted link to selected files stored on a Thecus NAS, allowing users to share files or photos. Photo Sync is an automatic photo backup feature which synchronizes photos from a user's mobile device and uploads them to the Thecus NAS. Instant Upload allows photos to be instantly transferred to the Thecus NAS immediately after being taken.

Synology America standardizes warranties for XS+, XS models, launches new RackStation model

Synology America Corp. announced this week that it has launched the new RS3614xs and standardized the warranties on its current and future XS+ and XS models of its RackStation product line to five years.

The extension covers limited parts and services for the duration and includes unlimited online and phone support for the lifetime of the product.

The XS+/XS series provides enterprise features such as high availability to minimize downtime, scalability for growing businesses and virtual storage to reduce overhead and administrative costs. Each product in the series has redundant parts, with some models including redundant power supplies. All XS+/XS RackStations also include ECC RAM.

Synology America also offers an Advanced coverage level that includes no-questions-asked replacement service, priority phone support and next-business-day shipping on all replacement parts.

The Advanced 5-Year Warranty is available to supported XS+ and XS models, including the RS10613xs+, RS3614xs+, RS3614RPxs, RS3614xs, RX1213sas, RX1214 and RX1214RP.

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