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Fusion-io delivers 6.4 TB Atomic Series PCIe flash card

New Fusion-io Atomic Series PCIe cards treat flash as memory, not faster disk.

Fusion-io has doubled the capacity of its PCIe flash cards with its Atomic Series that delivers up to 6.4 TB per card.

The Atomic Series launched last week is the third-generation of Fusion-io's flash memory that uses smaller and denser NAND to increase capacity.

The Atomic Series includes the ioMemory PX600 and ioMemory SX300 lines. The PX600 drives are designed for mixed workloads of mission-critical databases and servers. It comes in 1.3 terabytes (TB), 1.6 TB, 2.6 TB and 5.2 TB configurations. The PX600 is rated at up to 2.7 gigabytes (GBps) for read bandwidth and 1.5 GBps to 2.2 GBps write bandwidth. The PX600 handles 330,000 4 KB random read IOPS and 375,000 4 KB random write IOPS in the 2.6 TB capacity.

The ioMemory SX300 is designed for service providers that need scale-out storage in less demanding environments. The SX300 comes in 1.3 TB, 1.6 TB, 3.2 TB and 6.4 TB capacities. The SX300 cards support read bandwidth of 2.6 GBps and write bandwidth of 1.2 GBps, and can handle 215,000 4 KB random read IOPS and 300,000 4 KB random write IOPS in the 3.2 TB capacity.

All the Atomic Series cards use multi-level cell (MLC) flash.

Rather than sell flash as solid-state drives (SSD), Fusion-io's architecture treats flash like memory and puts it in the server.

"Flash memory does way more than a disk can, so we focused on the characteristics that allow it to reach its potential as a persistent memory, as opposed to a faster disk," said Gary Orenstein, Fusion-io's executive vice president of marketing.

The Atomic Series product line is available now from Fusion-io OEM partners and resellers. Fusion-io has not given pricing details.

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