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HP upgrades MSA, other SMB storage products

Hewlett-Packard unveils entry-level MSA shared storage system; HP upgrades StoreEasy NAS quality of service and expands capacity for StoreOnce 4500.

Hewlett-Packard upgraded several of its SMB storage products today, adding a new entry-level MSA shared storage system and software to its StoreEasy Windows-based NAS box while expanding the capacity of its StoreOnce 4500 backup deduplication appliance.

The HP upgrades include a new MSA 1040 shared storage system that is a stripped-down version of the HP MSA 2040 device. Unlike the 2040, the 1040 does not support solid state drives (SSDs) and has a dedicated controller to support either Fibre Channel (FC) or iSCSI connections on the front end, with a SAS connector on the back end to disk drives. There is no support for point-to-point, host-to-drive front-end SAS connections.

The 2040 is configured to scale to seven enclosures, supports SSDs and has a converged controller to support both FC and iSCSI. It also has a front-end SAS connection for high-performance applications that do not tolerate latency. The 2040 supports 16 Gbps FC, while the 1040 supports 8 Gbps FC.

The MSA 1040 replaces the HP MSA P2000 G3. The 1040 allows organizations to do data-in-place upgrades, so customers can upgrade from the MSA P2000 G3 to the MSA 1040, or from the MSA 1040 to the MSA 2040 platform.

"Usually, if you want to go to a new model, you have to buy everything new," said Vish Mulchand, HP senior director of product marketing and management. "You can start with the 1040, and if you want SAS connections, you can upgrade the controller with the 2040."

Storage vendor Dot Hill supplies the MSA platform through an OEM deal with HP.

New dashboard for StoreEasy, shelf for dedupe system

HP's upgrades to its StoreEasy entry-level NAS, built on Windows Storage Server 2012, include new dashboard software for capacity utilization, performance and system health checks.

"One screen shows you all these different things," Mulchand said. "You can check on each area and get detailed analysis. We also added more installation tools to get faster deployment. It's primarily a software enhancement for monitoring performance and managing quality of service.

Customers can now also control bandwidth associated with each Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine, providing quality of service for each application.

HP added an expansion shelf for its StoreOnce 4500 backup deduplication disk target that brings it to 124 TB of raw capacity. The dual-controller system can be loaded with three enclosures that handle a mix of 2 TB and 4 TB drives. The 4500 previously scaled to 36 TB.

The MSA 1040 will be available this week, with dual-configuration starting prices of $6,500 for Gigabit Ethernet, $7,500 for 8 Gbps FC and $8,500 for 10 GbE.

The StoreOnce 4500 48 TB expansion shelf will also be available this week, starting at $70,000. The enhanced StoreEasy system will be available in early April, starting at $4,490.

HP launched the products at its Global Partner Conference 2014 in Las Vegas.

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