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EDGE Memory hits market with 250 GB USB 3.0 thumb drive

IT professionals and prosumers looking for storage capacity on their key chains have a new option from EDGE Memory.

IT professionals and prosumers looking for storage capacity on their key chains have a new option from EDGE Memory, which recently rolled out a new line of diskGO Sonic USB 3.0 thumb drives.

The Addison, Texas-based storage vendor said its new diskGO Sonic drives use a Sandforce SF-2281 controller wrapped in aluminum casing with capacity options of 60, 120 and 240 GB. The drive is also compatible with Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems, and the 60 GB model offers a read speed of up to 455 MBps over USB 3.0. and 430 MBps writes. (The 120 GB and 240 GB drives have between 5 and 15 MBps slower read and write speeds, depending on the model.)

Over the past several years, USB drives filled a storage niche that was once filled by diskettes and burnable CDs: portable, easy-to-use storage media that was compatible with just about any machine. But with the rise of multi-gigabyte online storage sites like Google Drive and Dropbox, USB sticks' days could be numbered.

That being said, some users prefer to not place their data in the cloud. Also, retrieving data from online storage can be slow depending on bandwidth and the amount of data being transferred.

According to Greg Schulz, founder and senior analyst of StorageIO, there is a good future for high-capacity, as well as high-performance, USB drives. "On the other hand, I have to candidly wonder if this is one of those items that I want to have, yet something that I don't need to have."

He noted that users do have other options for achieving USB-attached solid-state drives (SSDs), such as simply connecting USB-to-SATA adapter cables to SSDs. "If you have mSATA-based SSDs that you want to redeploy, this could be an interesting option," Schulz said.

The diskGo drives will be available from channel partners listed on the EDGE Memory website, the company said.

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