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Sanbolic Melio adds flash support, WORM and writable snapshots

Sanbolic Melio 5.5 storage and data management software platform expands hardware support to solid-state drives and PCIe flash.

Sanbolic upgraded its Melio application acceleration software this week, adding support for flash across solid-state drives in storage area networks, all-flash arrays and PCIe cards.

Sanbolic Melio virtualizes the underlying storage and applies data management and protection capabilities to any capacity under its management.

Along with extending its storage and data management support to heterogeneous environments with flash, version 5.5 of the Melio platform adds intelligent data placement, WORM data protection and writable snapshots. WORM support means written data cannot be changed or deleted.

"What we have done is taken the scale-out and the agility from our data management platform and brought it into the storage layer," Sanbolic CEO Momchil Michailov said. "Now any physical or virtual server can access the data dynamically, and you can focus on creating business continuity pieces and matching SLAs [service-level agreements] to the economics of particular workloads."

Melio started more as an application availability product, but Sanbolic switched focus to meet the demand of the use of software running across commodity hardware in scale-out environments. Solid-state drive support is a big part of the vendor's goal to help customers scale out their storage by adding software.

While flash is still not commodity hardware, Melio 5.5 can run on off-the-shelf servers and use flash on arrays running in the data center. Sanbolic Melio automatically detects flash components on storage it manages and users can add it as a storage tier.

"We came out as a Windows' application availability [product with] a scale-out story," Michailov said. "Today we focus a lot more not just on application availability and scale out, but also infrastructure scale out, storage and data scale out."

Eric Slack, an analyst with the storage industry consultant firm Storage Switzerland LLC, said Sanbolic's shift comes as companies such as Google and Facebook are championing software-defined data centers that use commodity hardware. He said Sanbolic Melio enables that type of environment with its intelligent data management capabilities.

"I think the market is starting to come around and understand where the value of [Sanbolic's Melio platform] is," Slack said. "The world is moving away from big iron. The world is even moving away from little iron if it's proprietary iron. The world is ready for [Sanbolic's] message."

Melio is priced at $8,500 per server and can run on a physical server or inside a virtual machine. Melio 5.5 is available now from Sanbolic's website.

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