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Pegasus2 desktop storage first to support Thunderbolt 2

Promise Technology launched the Pegasus2 desktop device with Thunderbolt 2 connectivity, and the SANLink2 8 Gbps Fibre Channel Pegasus2-to-SAN bridge.

Promise Technology Inc. this week launched its Pegasus2 direct-attached storage (DAS) line of SMB desktop devices for media and entertainment, with support of Intel's new Thunderbolt 2 high-speed interface.

The Pegasus2 also has built-in RAID support.

According to Elaine Kwok, product marketing manager for Milpitas, Calif.-based Promise Technology, the Pegasus2 is the first storage device that supports Thunderbolt 2 connectivity.

Promise also rolled out its SANLink2 bridge, which connects Thunderbolt 2 devices and SANs with an 8 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) link. The SANLink2 supports Apple Inc.'s Xsan file system, Quantum Corp.'s StorNext file system and Promise Technology's own VTrak series of enterprise storage array product lines.

Thunderbolt 2 connectivity supports 20 Gbps throughput and enables 4K video file transfer, which requires 15 Gbps speed. Original Thunderbolt technology supports four 10 Gbps independent channels -- two upstream and two downstream -- but they cannot be combined. Thunderbolt 2 combines the upstream and downstream channels for 20 Gbps bidirectional channels for 4K video transfer.

The SANLink2 bridge enables dual-port 8 Gbps direct connectivity from a Thunderbolt 2 supported device to an FC SAN. "It's just a very simple plug-and-play mechanism for any professional who may or may not have an IT staff person," Kwok said. "[It's] just a single appliance they can directly plug in."

The Pegasus2 storage line features four-bay, six-bay and eight-bay enclosures. The Pegasus2 R4 uses four 2 TB disks for 8 TB raw capacity and 6 TB usable capacity.

The R6 supports either six 2 TB disks for 12 TB raw and 10 TB usable capacity, or six 3 TB disks for 18 TB raw and 13 TB usable capacity. The Pegasus2 R8 supports eight 3 TB disks for 24 TB raw and 21 TB usable capacity, or eight 4 TB disks for 32 TB raw and 28 TB usable capacity.

All of the Pegasus2 devices feature RAID data protection, hot-swappable drives and dual Thunderbolt 2 ports for daisy-chaining scalability.

"Pegasus is really for anyone who does [video production and editing] professionally," Kwok said. "They've got a business, and they need that level of RAID redundancy so that they have that piece of mind where they've got their data solidly backed up."

Promise Technology expects to ship the new systems by mid-November. The SANLink2 bridge is expected to be generally available in December. Kwok said the only two units with determined pricing are the Pegasus2 R8 with 32 TB raw capacity, which will list for $4,599, and the R8 with 24 TB raw capacity, which will list for $3,599.

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