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Synology releases DiskStation Manager 4.3

Synology releases DiskStation Manager 4.3, which includes mobile apps, shared folder and file links, and disk usage reports.

Synology announced last week availability of DiskStation Manager (DSM) 4.3, which will offer users the ability to share and display their digital assets, shared folder and file links, and disk usage reports.

DSM 4.3 comes in the wake of a public beta phase and offers enhanced private cloud support. Cloud Station is now 30% faster, with delta updates. DSM 4.3 includes the file-sharing Cloud Station feature. Cloud Station allows users to sync files up to 10 GB in size; allows offline viewing and editing of spreadsheets, new documents or upload of photos stored in Cloud Station folders that are automatically synced when back online; and turns shared folders into data exchange hubs for all team members to access and share real-time updates. It supports Linux users with an official desktop client, and Cloud Station also offers selective sync, allowing users to select which file types as well as which individual documents are synced.

DSM 4.3 also offers a number of enhancements for managing and sharing digital assets, including improved mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone; Photo Station global search, including metadata; shared folder and file links; and a disk usage report that allows users to find and eliminate duplicate files. Photo Station allows users to create albums or blogs with no storage limits. The photos can be shared on social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It also allows users to create photo tags and categorize albums. Photos can be uploaded via Photo Station Uploader and drag-and-dropped on a public computer.

Other features included in DSM 4.3 are TRIM support for solid-state drive, and SSD cache for enhanced read performance on selected Synology NAS devices.

DSM 4.3 is compatible with Synology's 13-, 12-, 11-, 10-,9- and 8-series NAS devices.

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