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Nasuni streamlines cloud controller management

New management console for Nasuni Filer lets customers manage cloud controllers at multiple sites through one tool.

Nasuni Corp. is making it easier to centrally manage its Nasuni Filer storage cloud controllers residing in multiple locations. The company today announced its Nasuni Management Console so customers can handle basic storage tasks such as creating volumes, setting up snapshots and connecting to Active Directory from one console.

"If there are 20 controllers in the field, the console shows the user all the data and volumes regardless of what controller the data is tied to," said Connor Fee, Nasuni's director of marketing. "They can manage and view all filers and the data from one viewpoint without worrying about the hardware. The management console is included in the service."

Previously, customers had to manage each device individually. The new management console resides on a separate virtual machine (VM) and is included in Nasuni's Software as a Service offering.

Nasuni's storage cloud controller is placed on a customer's site and works as a translator so data can be stored in the Amazon S3 or Microsoft Windows Azure cloud. Nasuni sells the controller as a hardware appliance or software virtual appliance that customers can install on any hardware.

Nasuni targets primary storage along with built-in backup and replication. The Nasuni storage cloud controller delivers storage capacity for network-attached storage or SAN workloads and will support files, databases and VM storage. Unlike other cloud controller vendors, such as TwinStrata and Panzura, which sell the device and let users pick their cloud providers separately, Nasuni also manages the relationship with cloud providers on the back end for customers.

"Nasuni bundles a gateway with a cloud provider," said Henry Baltazar, a senior analyst at Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research Inc. "It's almost like they act as a reseller of cloud services. What Nasuni is doing is for smaller companies that don't want to deal with [the cloud provider] -- they have to deal with two vendors and that could be a challenge for small companies. Larger companies may prefer to deal with the provider so they have the ability to negotiate."

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