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NetApp, Equinix offer private storage for public cloud

NetApp Private Storage for AWS connects NetApp private storage systems hosted in Equinix data centers to Amazon public clouds.

NetApp and Equinix today launched a private storage cloud service using NetApp storage hosted by Equinix and connected to the Amazon Web Services public cloud.

The NetApp Private Storage for Amazon Web Services allows organizations to build a hybrid or private cloud infrastructure using NetApp storage systems that are connected to Amazon Elastic Compute (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) or Amazon Glacier services.

Customer data will be stored on NetApp FAS and V-Series storage systems located in separate cages within the Equinix data centers, and the storage uses the AWS Direct Connect to the Amazon cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect is a dedicated network connection from a data center or colocation site to AWS.

"Instead of putting storage in the cloud, you put the storage in a colocation in a NetApp filer," said Greg Adgate, Equinix's general manager of global alliances and partnerships. "[Customers] can create a hybrid cloud, basically using the AWS [public cloud] and [NetApp] private storage."

The service allows for a tiered storage setup using different Amazon clouds. For instance, customers can use EC2 for high-performance computing applications while using S3 for cloud-based backup and recovery. They can also do bi-directional data replication from on-premises NetApp virtual appliances to NetApp storage in an AWS Direct Connect Equinix data center.

"You can use the public cloud for application computing but store data in a private filer," Adgate said. "Data is in private storage in the public cloud. It is private storage connected to the public cloud for compute."

The most common use cases for the NetApp and Amazon EC2 service is disaster recovery, testing and development, and big data analysis. The most common use case for Amazon S3 and Glacier is multi-tier backup to the cloud, according to NetApp product marketing manager Tom Shields.

"It's a combination of public cloud with private storage and it's connected on-premises with the public cloud. It's a hybrid cloud. It [is a] connected private infrastructure with public cloud. But you also have the private connection with the public Amazon cloud resources," he said.

"This is our way of going to market with Amazon Web Services," Shields added. "We do services with other providers but they have different services. In those cases, they build a cloud service on top of NetApp storage."

Shields said distributor Avnet is working with resellers to provide small, medium and large pricing model packages.

NetApp Private Storage for AWS is available in U.S. Equinix data centers in California and Virginia, as well as others in Singapore, Japan and Australia.

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