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Mezeo beefs up software for cloud building, online file collaboration

Mezeo Software enables building public storage clouds on Amazon S3 and OpenStack storage, and strengthens online file-collaboration management.

Mezeo Software this week upgraded its storage cloud-building software, adding connectors for Amazon S3 and OpenStack storage for MezeoCloud, as well as security enhancements for its MezeoFile file-sharing application.

MezeoCloud helps enterprises and service providers implement a REST API-based public or private storage cloud on commodity hardware. The new version 4.2 can run on a Linux OS based server, a virtual machine, or on Amazon EC2. It can be done in a public cloud or you can create a private cloud. MezeoCloud includes a connector that allows the use of OpenStack Object Storage as a storage target.

In addition, the Mezeo software supports object-based NetApp StorageGrid through the open Cloud Data Management Interface standard.

"The MezeoCloud can run as an Infrastructure as a Service, on a virtual machine or run in the cloud," Mezeo CEO Steve Lesem said. "It now has a Storage as a Service offering for file-and-sync sharing on a private or public cloud."

Mezeo added a shared workspace to MezeoFile for real-time online file collaboration, automatic remote wipe of cached applications and off-line data for iOS and Android users, and the ability to spread management among multiple administrators.

"That's a big differentiator," said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, 451 Group's research director for content management and collaboration. "If a company has over 10,000 accounts, no one administrator wants to be in control of that."

Other enhancements for online file collaboration include an audit trail feature so administrators can track files, see who is logging in, what kind of data is being added in, what files are being erased and what new versions are being uploaded.

"They can also restrict what users can access via [mobile devices]," Pelz-Sharpe said. "You can argue that you still want employees to control that but there are circumstances where you don't want that. These are all features that are critical for the enterprise."

MezeoCloud costs $125,000 for a single-site license, plus additional per user charges.

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