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NaviSite moves into public storage clouds for files, backup

NaviSite established the NaviCloud Intelligent Storage (NCIS) public storage clouds, consisting of NCIS Share and NCIS Vault.

NaviSite Inc. this week rolled out its first cloud storage services, adding enterprise file-sharing and backup services through partnerships with EMC and Actifio.

NaviSite, a subsidiary of Time Warner Cable, established the NaviCloud Intelligent Storage (NCIS) storage clouds, consisting of NCIS Share and NCIS Vault. The provider of public storage clouds hosts and resells EMC's Atmos cloud platform for the NCIS Share product, and uses Actifio's Protection and Availability Storage (PAS) for NCIS Vault.

"We have been in the computing space for a while and this is our entry into cloud storage," said Chris Patterson, NaviSite's vice president of product management.

NCIS Share is a file-hosting service powered by Atmos cloud storage, running in NaviSite's three data centers. Clients use Atmos GeoDrive PC client software to make storage in the cloud appear as a Windows file share. Data copies are stored on the local server and replicated to Atmos in the data centers, while administrators use a Web portal to control permissions and storage allocation.

NaviSite's NCIS Vault uses Actifio's copy data storage system for replication to the cloud. Users deploy an Actifio device on-premises and data is pushed to a target device in public storage clouds. Actifio's deduplication and asynchronous replication reduce the data and move it to NaviSite's public storage cloud.

An NCIS Vault configuration starts at 10 TB and increases in 10 TB increments. Patterson emphasized that NCIS Vault is meant to provide enterprises, rather than SMBs, with cloud backup.

"The lower end is very crowded, so we are staying out of that market," he said.

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